July Mandala: Shatter the Illusion

Free printable mandala coloring pages Jul 2018 is FINALLY out for Newsletter Subscribers! If you’ve missed it but would like to get this free coloring page, scroll down. I also get a lil intimate about the inspiration behind this month’s mandala.

June 2018 for me was about listening to the Universe. It was about connecting with myself so that I could listen to what the Universe has to share with me. Yeah it ain’t always nice even though the messages are from a place of love.

The Inspiration for July’s Mandala:

July is about shattering the illusions that are not for your highest good. I was the inspiration for this mandala because it is about what I experienced. A rough time felt like an understatement to what I was experiencing toward the end of June. I was so tired, drained and everything seemed to be falling apart within and outside of myself. This wasn’t working for me very well.

At one stage on a Saturday I actually remember lying on the floor, crying, asking the Universe what the hell it wants from me because I can’t deal, seriously!

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Jul 2018

More about Shattering the Illusion:

I drew this mandala in the middle of June basically. I actually saw a part of it in a dream and I feel like it was sort of like I got the message about releasing, unraveling and shattering then already. Perhaps I didn’t get the message that I would be the one that had some shattering to do? It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I have to giggle about this when I look back.

It was finished a while ago and the editing didn’t take me longer than usual. I was procrastinating sending it though. I am not really sure why? Maybe because I was afraid to admit that I was unraveling? Maybe it was because I was afraid to seem anything other than stable and happy?

It comes to me that I’m quite afraid to witness my power and all of who I am. Perhaps that is why there is all this unraveling and shattering? Sometimes it’s hard to let go of all the things you know or are because it’s what held you for so long. Some of those programs and habits are INCREDIBLY old software and it needs to be updated.

Have you ever felt this way?

How to Download the Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Jul 2018:

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages

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Join the discussion on my blog and let me know about your illusions? How do you feel about shattering illusions and if there are any you’re holding that’s not for your highest good? Am I the only one who has been unraveling lately?

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