Monday Motivation Week 28

Are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 28? This is my motivation for this week so let’s get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 28:

Monday Motivation Week 28

Anubis says that we mustn’t be afraid to live and while this was a message for me, I wanted to share it with everyone else too! Even though I am apprehensive to share this sort of thing, I am really amazed at my Spirit Tribe. The messages are beautiful and some deserve sharing!

I am actively working on communicating with my Spirit Tribe. Usually when I try connect with my Star Being and make that my intention, then Anubis pops up and HAS to share something with me. It’s almost like he’s saying “HA HA! Well too bad for your intention, here have some of this!”

Don’t be afraid to live and to take chances on yourself. You don’t have to do radical things like sky diving (unless that’s what you want to do of course) but visiting a new coffee shop or going for a walk on your own to the park or beach can be a chance you take on yourself.
When I first got into crystal healing, I wasn’t in the right job for me and after one day I visited Gaia Crystals in Langebaan. It was something I wanted to do for SO long but I had NO guts and didn’t want to go alone. After that shit day I was like “fuck it, today I go to that crystal shop”. My life changed, not dramatically but doing something for me was great.
As Anubis says he sees many people who have lived afraid. Don’t be so afraid that you leave yourself, dreams, daydreams, goals and whatever behind. You’re allowed to go live a little!!

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