June Mandala: Listen

Free printable mandala coloring pages for Jun 2018 is ready and has been for the whole month already! If you’ve missed that but would like to get this free coloring page, scroll down. I also get a lil intimate about the inspiration behind this month’s mandala.

May 2018 for me was about improvising and using what you have RIGHT NOW to create something, ANYTHING. It was about not worrying that you don’t have EVERYTHING YOU THINK you need to do something.

The Inspiration for June’s Mandala:

June is about listening and it’s actually what I’ve spent most of June working on. Going within and listening.

So when I wanted to draw this mandala, I had no inspiration. I went outside with a piece of tumbled Amethyst to meditate and I said: “Okay help me now, I don’t know what to draw”. In my mind, I was shown my Ametrine Cluster. I could NOT understand this. How can showing me this help me draw something? But okay, I took the Ametrine and off I went to try draw. I ended up drawing this mandala in one sitting AND afternoon which I didn’t even think was possible for me. It just flowed.

Since then I’ve actually been guided to create an Oracle Deck. How? Fuck if I know to be honest. I sat and I fought with myself and my guides about this. One day I went outside to meditate and draw, so frustrated and upset by this request. As I started drawing I heard: How can you think this is crazy when you’ve been creating something oracle like once a month? That, ladies and gentlemen shut me up so quickly. Yes I did end up drawing a whole other mandala after that reality check.

So you’ll notice that the coloring pages WILL look differently now. It’s my sneak peek and card of the month basically.

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Jun 2018

More about Listening and the Oracle Cards:

Many times this month, I’ve sat thinking I’m going crazy because I have been working a little more with my spirit tribe. I’m even scared to talk about it because I do sound like an absolute crazy even though I have briefly mentioned about the alien/starbeing visiting me. Lately Anubis has ALSO been making an appearance. He just popped out of the blue in a meditation during my activation of the Work Your Light Oracle Cards. So much for connecting with my higher self and here pops up Anubis LOL!

I’ve been actively working toward learning about these beings as well as how to communicate better. You know the brick hits your face when you pull an oracle card guiding you to be a “Pillar of Light” because without you, your guides don’t have a voice. Then, you ask if this is what you’re meant to be doing and hear “yes”.

I do believe this is why the Oracle Cards have come up to me. If they will look like a traditional deck, I do not know. Maybe they will just be 33 drawings with deeper meanings that I share. I’ve been asked to draw 33 images and I guess we’ll go from there. Yes, 33. I cheekily asked one morning: so if you want me to make oracle cards, how many must I do? The response: “33 and while you at it, go read up about that.

My point is this and it’s something that Yamile mentioned in her free workshop this past weekend: YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. The Universe/God/Higher Being/YOUR Higher Self/Angels/Spirit Guides, they are ALWAYS communicating with you. We all can chat with them. You don’t need to be anything other than your special self but you do need to make time to go within. I leave you with this quote today:

Prayer is when you talk to God; meditation is when you listen to God. – Diane Robinson

How to Download the Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Jun 2018:

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages

Take a break, nurture your inner child and color in a little bit.

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