Crystals for Grief Podcast Interview

I had the honour of being a guest on Grief with Grace and we spoke about crystals for grief in my Podcast interview. We chat about how crystals work and what crystals could be beneficial for those who are grieving right now.

Crystals for Grief - Podcast Interview

Crystals for Grief Podcast Interview

I’m sure you’re ready to jump into it, especially if you’re seeking crystal support on your grief healing. You can click on over to Using Crystals For Healing Grief – Episode 12 on Buzzsprout or listen via Spotify below!

A little more about Lori Latimer and her Podcast Grief with Grace:

Grief. It’s almost a taboo word in Western society. And yet, it’s a universal human experience and comes in many forms: the loss of a marriage or job, when a cherished friend (human or pet), an aunt or uncle, sibling, Mom or Dad cross the Veil. But if your child takes his or her last breath before you do, you’re thrown into a world that’s unimaginable and indescribable. If you’re a Mom that has a child in Spirit, this podcast is for you. With Grace, hope, a little tough love, and even some wit and humor along the way, this podcast will honor where you are. Join me, Lori Latimer, Intuitive Soul Navigator, as my guests and I share insights, tools, and techniques to assist you on your grief journey. Every Tuesday, we’ll journey into all the dark places of grief, shining a light on them so you can integrate them rather than avoid them. The Grief With Grace podcast will inspire you to find Moments Of Joy In the Everyday so you can continue to live your life after the unimaginable has happened, and in doing so, honor your precious child’s life and legacy.

Here’s where you can follow Lori online:

I want to give a special nod to Lori for the opportunity to talk about crystals and using them for grief!

Crystals and Grief

Grief is something we all experience at some point. Sometimes it’s more regularly than we’d like. I believe that no matter what grief you experience, you never really stop grieving. Your world changes when you lose someone you love and you don’t just forget.

Crystals can help you on the grieving journey and offer you support. They can assist you to find some acceptance that you’ve lost someone on this earthly plane, with forgiveness because things ended on poorly, or with remembering to nourish yourself through this process. Remember that they don’t take anything away like some sort of magic pill. They support and assist.

My favorite crystals for grief specifically include:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Spirit Quartz
  • Golden Tiger Eye
  • Apache Tear

I wrote about these Crystals for Grief shortly after my partner lost someone dear to him. I wanted to write down my knowledge especially after losing my grandparents.

If you are struggling with forgiveness and releasing that during your healing, you can work with Peach/Pink Banded Agate and Smokey Quartz.

I hope you enjoyed the Crystals for Grief Podcast Interview and that you have a clearer idea on how to use your crystals for support on your journey!

2 thoughts on “Crystals for Grief Podcast Interview”

  1. The Universe really has a very brilliant way of bringing things together… I just finished listening to the podcast and yes, this is an affirmation for me, couldn’t get any more obvious. I have been looking for information of stones that help with grieving for my friend. She has been grieving for years due to her parents’ passing, which left her feeling very alone, depressed, angry and lost. Despite the counselling she attends, she’s still in the dumps and I felt she needed some push, hence the thought of assembling a set of crystals for her. I made up my mind on a Ruby Zoisite, but I felt it’s not enough, so the search goes on.

    I had a tugging feeling towards botswana agate, smokey and rose quartzes at the start, but after researching; sunstone, rhodonite and amazonite calls out too. It gets really confusing, and yes, I do doubt my own intuition at times (I’m not a pyschic or healer, just someone who felt crystals do help in the things we can’t really see). And then going through your blog brought me here and also the other article on grief… Can’t get a more obvious answer from God, haha.

    1. What helps me a lot is that I don’t need to choose RIGHT now so if you need to take a break from the decisions for her mojo bag, never be afraid or hesitant to do that. It can indeed help.
      Although you said that you got the sign you needed so you’re on the right track 😀
      Also, anyone who works with crystals and gifts them is a healer, so you are one, even if you don’t consider yourself one. I believe we all truly are to varying degrees.

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