Crystals for Sugar Addiction Medicine Bag

Today I wanted to share with you my crystals for sugar addiction that I’ll be using for a medicine bag. In an effort to consume what’s good for my body, I am now aiming to heal from my addiction to sugar. Of course I’ll be using crystals for support 😉

Sugar, a Common Enemy

In my opinion sugar addiction is a real thing. I feel that it’s probably one of the biggest addictions in today’s times because sugar is so readily available. You can’t stand in a queue without being faced with chocolates and sweets. It’s continually in your face BUT, I’m not here to talk about THAT!

When I say sugar, I mean processed sugar. Those chocolates that make you high for like an hour and then you maybe need to take a nap. The krap that you shouldn’t consume but you do so anyway because it’s cheap and who wants to spend R30 on good quality chocolate every time you crave. If you go cold turkey, you think about it constantly until you nearly kill someone for it. You feel excited because you shouldn’t eat it but you do anyway. Then you feel bad because you did eat it.

I don’t know when this started. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and I suppose it just escalated somewhere down the line when I was unaware. It’s so much fun to be unaware but then you become aware and have a shitton of work to do LOL!

This year I started looking at what I consume and I changed my whole diet. My goal was to eat foods that were better for me and that my body agreed with. I have eliminated red meat from it and eat more of a plant based diet. Seafood and cheese on the odd occasion, I’ve been unable to give up. I feel like I have a better awareness regarding consumption and sugar keeps coming up for me so I feel that the time is right to cut this out.

Amethyst, the Crystals for Sugar Addiction

Some time ago, I was speaking to Kat Michaels and we were discussing crystals for the upcoming New Moon in Pisces. She had mentioned Amethyst in her Facebook post and I thought it was so ironic because I felt the strong urge to work with Amethyst.

Now I’m wondering if there isn’t more to this urge? Perhaps I truly am more ready than I realise! I’ve been practically glued to this little magical Amethyst since mid month. At first I couldn’t even stop thinking of it, which was a lil weird. The constant thoughts dissipated once I took it out of its storage box.

Amethyst is known to help with addictions and whenever addiction is spoken of, this crystal is recommended. It can also assist with mental clarity and desire. This is quite an awesome combo for addiction because you want clarity regarding your patterns to make change and you have to desire change in order to make change for yourself.

My Medicine Bag for Addiction

Crystals for Sugar Addiction: What's in my Medicine Bag

I have decided to make myself a little medicine bag with the following intention:

Every day I am healing from craving sugar.

I have decided to include the following crystals, cleared first of course:

  • My Amethyst for addictional (haha, real funny Universe) additional support and added awareness.
  • A piece of Rose Quartz for additional love and to be gentle with myself instead of harsh and/or critical.
  • A cool piece of Golden Tiger Eye for confidence in myself that I can heal from this.

For now they are in a green bag until I can crochet a little pouch to wear. I went with green for growth from where I am in this chapter. Intention in everything folks!

I don’t think that only using crystals for sugar addiction will cure me but I do think they are going to help me on my journey for better clarity and health.

How Else Will I Work with These Crystals:

I’ll carry my bag with me during the day and aim to meditate daily with it to hear if there are messages for me. Meditating will also help me to reconnect with myself and connect with my goal I feel.

Once I’ve made a wearable pouch, I’m not entirely sure what else I’ll do besides wearing and meditating. I’m going to wing it until I can get a clearer picture of what more to do. I’m going to do one step at a time here.


Have you ever used crystals for sugar addiction, or any addiction? Share your story with me in the comments below 🙂

Crystalicious blessings,


6 thoughts on “Crystals for Sugar Addiction Medicine Bag”

  1. This is so interesting, I never knew crystals could help with healing addiction. I suffer from sugar addiction and an eating disorder (emotional binge eating – anything sugary is my first preference, always). Would you have any suggestions about which crystals would help with me please?

    1. Crystals can assist with anything on an energetic level but they can never do the work for you. You still have to do that.

      Hmm… I’m not 100% sure Anthea. I could recommend the same trio for you:
      Amethyst because it IS known as a crystal to assist with addictions,
      Rose Quartz for love for yourself to choose yourself and stuff for you highest good,
      Golden Tiger Eye for the confidence that you can do it!

      Iolite is another one that I see recommended often as well as Botswana Agate.
      I had a lady swear by it and that it helped her stop smoking so you could look at that too.
      Lepidolite is another one that I’ve seen recommended but I’m honestly not really sure why because I know it for support with anxiety and/or depression.

  2. Thank you for this post! Sugar addiction is a real thing. Being addicted to sugar is harder to kick than any other drug and there is no methadone you can take to help you.
    I will be incorporating these crystals into my regime.
    How are you doing with your efforts to come out of sugar addiction?

    1. You’re most welcome! 😀 Happy you found it useful!

      Much better to be honest. Getting aware of it and beginning to understand where the sugar addiction is coming from has been really helpful – am I actually needing carbs because I’m undereating or am I trying to fill a void because I am bored or super emotional. I suspect that I still have much to learn as this journey goes forward but one step at a time.

  3. I “accidentally” came across your article. Im about to start a holistic sugar detox. Ill be adding these crystals to my plan. Thank you for posting this. The timing is perfect.

    1. You’re most welcome Stephanie and the best of luck on your journey!
      I’ve learnt that while we need sugar, it’s the type of sugar that’s the problem and the amount of course so everyone could do with a little detox from time to time 😀

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