Monday Motivation Week 13

Hi Everyone – are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 13? Here is my motivation for this week so let us get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 13

So when last have you clapped for yourself??

This post was actually inspired by Naturally Thriving You on Instagram and the whole of last week, the theme of clapping for yourself followed me!

Yes it’s great to surround yourself with family, friends, mentors and a support team who clap fucking hard for you BUT you need to do it for yourself as well! You cannot expect your team to notice your accomplishments because we all have SO much going on. Don’t expect others to see you if you can’t see yourself! Notice yourself, celebrate yourself.

No one can clap as hard for you as you can for your achievements or lessons!

The world doesn’t necessarily need to know of what you’ve achieved but you better make damn sure that YOU know so that you can see you’re progressing, learning and growing!

How do YOU feel about this and what is your motivation for this week? Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the Facebook or Instagram post 🙂


Crystalicious blessings!


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