Monday Motivation Week 14

Are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 14? Here is my motivation for this week so let us get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 14

This came to me a few nights ago when I was lying in bed spending a good amount of time on judging myself and my looks.
I feel like now at 30, I don’t want to stop at seeing the good in others. I want to extend that to myself and see the good in me too!

You know if others want to invest their time in judging others or even themselves, then that’s their choice. I’m choosing to better invest my time and thoughts in myself.

I want to love myself, not judge myself because I have a muffin top, skew teeth, one smaller eye or one funky toe… I mean, what is the point in doing that ANYWAY? It only makes me forget that my toes are actually cute, my eyes are a pretty colour, I can move one butt cheek at a time!

I choose to remember all of these good things now more regularly! How about you?

What is your motivation for this week? Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the Facebook or Instagram post 🙂


Crystalicious blessings!


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