Salt Lamp Sunday Week 2

Hey Everyone – Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits Week 2 is here! Has warming salt helped me any more this new week? Well you’ll have to continue reading to find out 😉

Week 1 was only 2 days and may not have been the best test to determine how warming Himalayan Salt is effecting me. I am REALLY enjoying using the warmer and having more purity in my life!

Week 2’s duration is from 12-17 February 2018.

I won’t say that I’ve had any major health changes this week. My chest and cough has improved daily and I’ve been doing nothing other than leaving HSB (Han Solo Buddha) running throughout the whole day and into the evening in our bedroom.

Tuesday, I placed the warmer in the lounge while I was working and I found the energy soothing. It’s was a pleasure to be working in these vibes. I am now considering getting an actual Himalayan Salt Lamp for the work area because I want one in any area I’m going to occupy for a long period of time. One solely in the bedroom isn’t going to cut it for me.

I still haven’t found a place to keep HSB while sleeping where the light doesn’t bother me. During the beginning of the week, I would wake up to turn it off during the middle of the night. From about Thursday, I started switching it off before I go to sleep between 9-11 pm. Mr Crystal Healing has ordered a dimmer switch for me so when that arrives, he will modify HSB and that should help immensely!

I have noticed that the air in our bedroom feels cleaner and less dense? I’m not entirely sure how to explain that, but there IS a difference compared to when I work in the lounge without the warmer and when I go into the room. The air smells different and there is a noticeable difference. I can’t be entirely crazy because Mr Crystal Healing says he feels a difference as well.

What is also perhaps a little crazy, is that I feel like the lamp helps me cope with strong/irritating odors. This may be all in my mind but there have been times this week when the smell of a cigarette or very strong perfume doesn’t seem to irritate my sinus as much? I’m aware of it but I’m not continually sneezing or having a runny nose.

I have noticed that warming salt has its limits and cannot improve everything. On Wednesday evening the tumble drier was used and warming salt doesn’t combat the dry, coarse air as a result from it. A humidifier would probably be best.

On Sunday I am going to put new Himalayan Salt in the warmer. Apparently you can reuse the salt but I’m not 100% sure about that. I’m unsure it’s a good thing to consume salt that’s been used to cleanse the air. I’ve contacted Saltpur in South Africa who sells a WIDE variety of Himalayan salt products to hear what they think about re-using the salt.

That’s it for Himalayan Salt Lamps Benefits Week 2! See you next Sunday.

Over and out *drops mic*

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