Spirit Guide messages with my Wolf

I did two free readings with Yamile Yemoonyah some time ago and this is my notes and thoughts about the first one with my wolf who I’ve just named Sasha (who’ve I’ve now discovered prefers Na-Ilah).

Sasha is a black wolf who I met in a past life when I was lost in the woods. When she came upon me I wasn’t afraid so she veered closer wondering why on earth this human was not afraid of her and eventually being close enough, I started to pet her. (I’ve had a dream before of this scene being lost in the woods and coming across a wolf I was unafraid of which I thought was super fascinating). Apparently her spirit fell in love with mine there and she’s been with me ever since and will be with me until my last breath in this lifetime. I also saved her from someone who was trying to kill her by distracting them somehow.

Unclear bits (there are bits I can remember from the reading which I’ll provide clarity on once I’ve listened to the recording again): ● There’s a cave involved with sort of cave paintings involved. ● France or America is involved – supposedly a past life I’ve lived in one of these countries. ● Her pups often play around me and my surroundings so often if things are not where they’ve been it is because they were nearby playing.

Message she brings me is to not fear my “enemy” but to rather send them love and light which will turn them toward me and love me instead of wanting to hurt me.

(Yamile does free spirit guide readings once a week at different times to try cater to everyone on the planet who wants a free reading. You can check it out past readings on her website if you’re curious.

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    1. Aw Yamile! Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blogpost! I’m still in the process of fixing everything up and this was something I wrote ages ago but I’m working on publishing everything.
      Yes she is still with me thankfully. Still provides me with a lot of comfort!

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