What I learnt from Joost van der Westhuizen

By now, everyone knows that Joost suffered from ALS and that there is no known cure for this so he (and everyone else) knew this would eventually lead to his demise.

I know so many people say that he’s now at peace and happier because it’s for the better. I don’t doubt that Joost had horrible days where he wished he’d rather die, BUT I think this was a man that accepted what was and decided to not let it get to him. He was only human so granted he had shit days, shitter than our shit days.

BUT I think that Joost sort of embraced what happened. He didn’t run from it. He LIVED life! The doctors told him that he probably wouldn’t live longer than 2 years (reportedly) and he decided otherwise. This man looked happy even in his end days. I know he was deteriorating and you could SEE it as well as HEAR it when he spoke BUT he looked happy.

What I learn from Joost, not that I personally knew him is to accept what life throws at you. Yes you may by all means not like it, but accept it.

Joost probably had such a strong base chakra because life hit him with a MOERSE blow and this guy was like ok well I’m going to live life and still make memories.

The wind blew gales and Joost’s tree stood there in the wind moving and adjusting as he must so as to keep growing and living.

He found happiness. He said no to sitting there and dying and yes to living – that’s so courageous! His Solar Plexus chakra probably was a beam of light because he found the willpower to KEEP going!

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