Rebecca Campbell Work your Light Oracle Cards Review

I have never reviewed Oracle Cards before but I really wanted to share these cards with you. It’s a deck that I really resonate with and I find the messages speak directly and clearly to me. There’s a video so come see!

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Background Info:

The Work Your Light Oracle Cards is by Rebecca Campbell and the Artwork is done by Danielle Noel.

You know I’m a big fan of Rebecca as I’ve shared my review of Light is the New Black with you before. When she started promoting this deck and I saw the Starseed card, it spoke so deeply to me that I HAD TO get the cards. I fought with myself but eventually gave in and bought ’em. BEST decision ever!

This Oracle Deck consists of 44 cards which have the most beautiful, DIVINE Feminine artwork adorning them. The deck comes with a guide book and the cards can be divided into 5 suits:

  • Confirmation Cards for a quick hit of instant guidance.
  • Inquiry Cards to help you tune in to the whispers of your soul.
  • Action Cards to guide you on what action to take.
  • Activation Cards for invoking healing within.
  • Transmission Cards that can connect you with supportive energies.

Downfalls of this Deck (there’s only one by the way):

The Guidebook isn’t arranged so lekker (nicely) in my opinion. The cards are arranged according to their suit and if you don’t know the cards that well, you won’t know what suit they fall into. I’m guilty of that because more often than not, I read these cards intuitively. It isn’t a big deal but if you’re someone who is iffy (fussy) about this, it may tick you off.

Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Cards review

What I Love:

The artwork is INCREDIBLE. Whatever Danielle did, she knocked it out of the galaxy. It’s absolutely incredible and oftentimes I find myself just looking at the art. I think what I love the most, is that apart from the feminine aspects, there is a lot of galactic inspiration. That is what speaks a lot to me: the moons, planets, stars, galaxy views.

Simply, I connect REALLY well with these cards. These cards I use for my own readings as well as for others because I find they hit home hard and effectively. I don’t know what it is about them but these cards TALK. They talk to your heart and the message is clear as well as direct.

I also REALLY love the message left within in the box saying “YOU ARE THE ORACLE“. This is something that sticks hard with me because I truly DO believe that the messages are WITHIN. Sometimes you need to dig hard and deep, but they are there. It’s in you. The message within the box is an amazing reminder of that.

My Favorite Cards:

I have so many favorites but I took a photo of all the ones that stand out to me and they are:

Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Card Favourites
  • Answer the Call – For me this card is about answering the call and usually that’s during meditation. I know if I don’t start my day by answering that call, it’s bound to be a kaka day.
  • Awakening – This is probably a favorite because look at that galactic influence in the art. INCREDIBLE!
  • Mintaken – Well I mean, just look at it. It’s a beautiful, peaceful card.
  • Soul Family – I love this card NOT only for the whales and dolphins but the connection it speaks of. It speaks about connecting with your team – people who support you.
Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Card Favourites
  • Akasha – This is a fav because it was one I pulled before Anubis made an appearance during a meditation. It holds a special place to me because of that.
  • Keepers of the Earth – Love the animals and earthly influence here that shouts: Mother Earth got yo’ back yo!
  • Anna, Grandmother of Jesus – This card speaks of family to me, it makes me feel family love.
  • The Crumbling – While this one may seem “negative” I love that it shows the fertility ahead when you get rid of the shit.
Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Card Favourites
  • Pillar of Light – Just LOOK at this card! It speaks of rising above and shining that light.
  • Get Grounded – I love the nature inspiration in this one. When I meditate I always connect with Mother Earth and I guess that’s why this one is special to me.
  • Starseed – You read about it above. This card speaks of home to me, longing for the home that’s out there but you’re here so you make the most of it.
  • Birthing a New Age – This card initially would perplex me and now I love it. It speaks of rippling out that power, when you get so excited that you radiate that outwards.

Who Will Love This Oracle Deck:

If you want to get in touch with your feminine and your intuition then I’d recommend this deck. There is just something about it that really speaks to me as a woman, as well as a lightworker. They are easy to read, connect with and receive messages from. If you enjoy receiving visual messages from the Universe, like I do, what are you waiting for?

Buy Your Deck Today:

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I got my deck from Amazon here so obviously I’m going to direct you there.

If you’re a local South African who wants to get in touch with your feminine, buy it from Loot here. Loot is reliable with these imports and they are the ONLY company I trust to buy these type of things from in South Africa.

Join the discussion on my blog and share with me what you think about Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light Oracle Cards. Do you work with Oracle Cards, what is your favorite deck and why?

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