What is a Lightworker?

“What is a Lightworker?” – Have you ever pondered this question? Have you ever wondered what lightworkers do or if YOU are a lightworker? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, I’m here to shed a little light from my perspective.

I shared a little while ago on Instagram about a recent experience I had which you can read below. It really shook me to my core which had caused me to have a little chat with the Universe. Since then this lightworker term has been following me and I decided today I wanted to write about it.

This sort of shook me yesterday/last night/during the course of the night/this morning. … Yesterday I watched these cash in transit robbery videos. It was shocking. Then I saw a photo of a dog being put down today because she’s out of time (I checked this morning, she’s got a home now). And anyway, both so unrelated but really upset me. I lie on the table with tears in my eyes and I asked God why this shit you know and how am I meant to make it better when it’s so much even though I know I can’t fix EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. … I heard/felt because it’s always a combo of both: you must heal the earth Siobhan. … I don’t really understand that all that much yet but I think that when we can stop and just appreciate our earth, our existance, we can make the world better. We cannot fix the shit but we also cannot separate ourselves from it. … I don’t know. I probably do not even understand entirely what was told to me but there it is.

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What is a lightworker:

To break it up into light and worker:

  • Light – as a verb means to illuminate, to make bright, to provide light.
  • Worker – as a noun refers to someone who takes action and does work.

A lightworker, according to the dictionary of my mind, is someone who takes action by being a light, therefore providing light to various situations and the world.

I believe these are people who are sensitive and FEEL, but I also don’t believe that you need to cry at every horrific event. You feel deeply and compassionately.

What is a Lightworker

What does a lightworker do:

I believe that being a lightworker is someone who wants to do the following:

  • Do good for themselves because they know how important self-care is.
  • Motivate others, lift them up and do good for others.
  • Do good for the Earth and all beings living on it.

I believe that we are ALL lightworkers to some degree. Some of us don’t realise it and some of us never reach that awareness, which is okay as well.

How to be a lightworker:

I don’t think there is a manual for how to be a lightworker and there is no exam to pass or certain way to be. You just are and you are you. Also, we all shine our light differently to some degrees because we are all different.

I think the basics of a lightworker is to truly listen to someone and not listen to respond. So often we go through life not talking to anyone because we don’t feel like people truly listen. I believe that listening to someone is in fact healing. It’s a basic, fundamental part of healing. Listening means you can work through what you’re going through and for women, it helps them organize their thoughts.

There are many professionals that are lightworkers like Reiki Therapists, energy healers, crystal healers, card readers, mediums, book writers, motivational speakers, teachers. This is where I feel being a lightworker goes somewhat deeper because you actually have work to do on Earth which forms part of your mission/purpose. That forms your career basically.

Not all of us are going to be a lightworker by profession but I do believe that whatever our profession, we can still bring light to the world. A construction worker or a money manifestation coach can be a light, just as much as a healer. What is a lightworker can be anyone!

Light vs Dark:

To say that there isn’t darkness in this world is to lie. We all know some of what is going on in this planet. I also don’t believe you need to live there in the darkness. Also, you cannot only be about the light, following the light and forgetting the darkness.

Something Geraldine always shared with me and in her workshops goes something like this: Don’t be like those fish in the deep waters that follow the little light on their heads. Look around.

We need to spread love to the darkness, even when it seems impossible or even when it seems like the small thing you do won’t make a difference. Every small act of kindness, makes a difference because it ripples. Today you give a street dog a treat, tomorrow someone else does the same thing, next week he can be adopted. Today you listen to someone who needed an ear, tomorrow they do the same for someone else. We are all connected, more so than we realise.

Something I was reminded about from sharing the above-mentioned experience on Instagram: Be the light however small you may shine. Be the light.


Soon I shall share what crystals you can use if you are a lightworker, big or small! I know you will love that!!


I want to know what is a lightworker in your opinion? Whether you feel if you are a lightworker? How are you being and spreading light? Join the discussion in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “What is a Lightworker?”

  1. Thank you Siobhan! That was just what I needed today. 🙂 I just took my first energy healing course this Sunday and I really enjoyed it. Looking forward to your article about how and what crystals you use as a light worker. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, Im very new to all of this but have a keen thirst about for it all. I think I may be a light worker or something similar, do you know of any other articles I can look up more about this please?

    Also, I found it extremely interesting about a lightworker being able to listen without the need to respond. At the moment I know I definitely listen to respond, instead of just listening for healing. Although lately I have become aware of certain conversations where I can tell/sense that the person is not coming to me for advice but more just as a sounding board or a compassionate person with a sympathetic ear. Do you think this is something I can fine tune with time? And are there any suggestions you may have to help me do this please?

    1. I want to start off my saying that yeah you probably are a lightworker because I believe we all are in some way or another 😉

      I’m reading a book by Rebecca Campbell called “Rise Sister Rise” – Amazon link here: Rise Sister Rise book
      She also speaks about lightwork and being a lightworker so that may be something you’re interested in, her other book “Light Is the New Black: A Guide to Answering Your Soul’s Callings and Working Your Light” OR her website.

      Yes I definitely think you can fine tune listening with time. Look, we are programmed as humans to listen to respond so don’t be hard on yourself if that is what you find you do at times.
      Sometimes it is good to respond, don’t get me wrong, but we don’t need to respond all the time or at such length. You can have a very healing conversation with someone with the most of your responses being verbal cues for them to continue.

      Also with the awareness that people are coming to you to chat, that will heighten over time. Once you know people do this, more people will do it and you’ll just know.

      Suggestions: Just listen. After the person has finished speaking, feel in your heart, what do you want to say and often taking the time to be quiet to listen to your heart can help you not just respond to fill space.

      I hope I’ve answered everything, but if not, feel free to let me know 🙂

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