Distance Healing Sessions Update

Hi Everyone – Today I am sharing with you an update regarding the distance healing sessions I offer. If you didn’t know, I offer a range of sessions and many of them can be tailored for distance healing as well.  I’m super excited about this new development! Come and read more! 😉

Update regarding How I’m Offering Distance Healing:

Initially I only offered distance healing via Skype Video Call. You needed to make yourself available for your session to watch and enjoy the experience. I offered sessions this way because I wanted you to be able to experience a real session even if you were unable to physically attend.

Not everyone is comfortable attending a session via video call or may not even have reliable internet connectivity to do so. That is why I now offering it on a date and time that you choose for me to send you healing. I shall notify you when I start the session and you can relax in your own space. Once finished, I shall email you any insights I receive as well as a photo of the layout I’ve done. All I require is a photo of you.

My goal is to perform these type of healing sessions as I usually do but without the video call. I’m still giving you 110% healing energy and intending for it to be for your highest good 🙂

Distance Healing

Available Sessions for Distance Healing with Crystals:

still recommend that Emotional Balancing Sessions as well as Past Self in this Lifetime Healing take place on Skype Video Call. If distance healing without a video call is what you’re interested in, the following sessions are available:

  • You Decide It Healing Session: In this type of session, we focus on a specific issue you want to address. This could be anything from relaxation, wanting to feel more grounded or connected, etc. If you’re unsure of where you are stuck or what you need, let’s chat about it too. I would create a layout for you and send healing to you with my intuitively chosen crystal colleagues.
  • Chakra Balancing Session: In this type of session, I would assess your 7 main chakras. I use intuitively chosen crystals to balance or energise your chakras.
  • Mini Chakra Balancing Session: This is a shorter version of the Chakra Balancing session. I would cast crystals onto a body diagram to determine which Chakras need attention and healing right now. That is where the focus would be for this session.


For more information regarding distance healing or to book a session, click HERE.


Speak Soon and Creative Crystal Blessings,


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