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Hi Everyone – today I’m talking about Chrysocolla Healing Properties! Chrysocolla is linked to both the Heart and Throat chakra and is meant to be quite a powerful healer for the Heart Chakra. In today’s post I share my thoughts on this little crystal. There’s also a video if you’re not up for reading 😉

Everyone I know would always rave about how amazing Chrysocolla is and I just never understood what the hype was about. I didn’t find it appealing and I thought Chrysoprase was a little cooler. Then, I was gifted this cute little Chrysocolla for Christmas from my cousin.  I finally received this opportunity to learn more about this crystal. It is clear that The Universe thought it time to update my knowledge so I begun to spend time with it.

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First Impression of Chrysocolla:

When I look at this crystal, I’m like “oh wow this is so pretty!” but if I take a moment, I get such a cleansing vibe from it. It reminds me of the ocean and “washing clean”.

Chrysocolla Healing Properties Shared with Me:

Meditating with this crystal was quite an experience. Every time I meditated with it, I always felt the need to hold it. I also always felt very cool and calm. There were a few times I got chills on the right side of my body from meditating with it actually.

Due to the cleansing vibes I get from Chrysocolla, I feel that it will help you to get things off your chest. I think this could translate to getting hurt off of your chest and helping you to be more expressive in a loving manner as opposed to out of irritation or anger. I also think it could help you express love and to be more loving towards others and yourself, especially if you had difficulty with this. It’s like a tough love but calming crystal.

I want to say that whatever is on your heart, Chrysocolla will help you lessen the load if needed and express it from a place of love.

There were a few times in meditation that I felt a tightness in my chest, between my breasts and the hollow of my throat. What came to me and what I could not shake was the feeling that this crystal is like a bridge between your Heart and Throat Chakra.

I don’t have much in-depth knowledge of the Minor Chakras so I went back to my books to read more. Initially I thought that was linking to the Higher Heart Chakra. The Chakra that is between the Heart and Throat Chakra is actually the Zeal Point Chakra. The Zeal Point Chakra is linked to reason and an emotional bridge to balance. Don’t you think this is exactly what Chrysocolla is all about?! How amazing is that?!

Green can symbolize growth and emotional balance whereas blue can symbolize calming and self-expression. Chrysocolla is the perfect combination of these two colors. It speaks to me about calmly expressing your emotions in a more mature way.

What other Sources are Saying about Chrysocolla:

“A ‘feel better’ stone that is good for creativity, female sexuality, revitalizing relationships, and for people who are loudmouthed and indiscreet.” – Philip Permutt, The Crystal Healer

“At the heart chakra, it heals heartache and increases the capacity to love. At the throat, it improves communication but helps you to discern when to keep silent.” – Judy Hall, The Crystal Bible Vol. 1

Chrysocolla Healing Properties Breakdown:

  • Bridge between Heart and Throat Chakra to allow for calm expression of what doesn’t serve you from a place of love.
  • Expression of love if you feel that you are someone who struggles to express love for others or even the self (e.g. if you can’t say no to what doesn’t work for you for fear of letting others down.)
  • Cooling and Calming.
  • Reason/Understanding before expressing.

How Would I use Chrysocolla:

Well if I look at Chrysocolla healing properties, this is a crystal I would wear over my Zeal Point Chakra. I think it would work just as well over the Heart or Throat Chakra, depending on what you wanted to achieve with the crystal.

I think it would be fantastic to meditate with this crystal if you felt your blood was boiling. Stepping back, taking a moment to gather yourself with Chrysocolla can help you to respond calmly instead of reacting impulsively. Not all of us have the opportunity to do so though, especially at work. I think it would still be beneficial to meditate with Chrysocolla. It might help you uncover your trigger points in a loving, non-judgmental manner so you know how to grow from the normal reaction response.

Feel free to enjoy my video about Chrysocolla Healing properties which you can watch directly on YouTube or below:


I’m dying to know if you’re one of those people who have used Chrysocolla and loved it? What’s your experience been and how do you use it?


Creative Crystal Blessings,
Siobhan xx

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