Monday Motivation Week 27

Are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 27? This is my motivation for this week so let’s get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 27:

Monday Motivation Week 27

As I lie awake since before midnight and after a meditation, I wrote this on Instagram:

I read that the storms of life cleanse you and that really resonated with me, especially since it was storming outside literally lol!

After this rough weekend spent being mad at life, God, the Universe, myself and crying so much that I didn’t know one human could cry so much about so much too.

It’s a new day.
It’s all okay, even when it doesn’t LOOK or seem the okay you expect.
I think it was Kathrin Zenkina that said, and it’s stuck all this time with me: The Universe realigns FOR YOU in the chaos.

So fuck it’s hard but it’s okay to unravel.
Moment by moment, just breathe, ground, realign.


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