Interviewed by Ecologic Products Co-owner PLUS My Fav Ecologic Products

Recently Ecologic Products co-owner, Mika contacted me to do an interview for her website. Before I share that, let’s talk a little about who Ecologic is and what they offer.

Ecologic Products: A Natural Skin Care Range

*Full Disclosure – this is not a sponsored post. Views expressed are my own. I have not received compensation for this post and just really love my Ecologic Products.*

Ecologic Products I Use and Love

My morning routine starts with their Skin Control Face Wash which is really gentle on my face but it also cleanses REALLY well. I love that it contains tea tree oil which I believe is amazing for the face.

I finish off by using their Skin Perfect COQ10 Moisturiser which isn’t oily and it applies like warm butter. It’s delish. I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t use this moisturiser hey! There’s a reason I always have stock of it.

In the winter, my skin does get a bit dry but then I use their Xtra Skin Food which I stole from my mother. I like to “contour” my face with it and that works for me.

Ecologic has a range of products which are:

  • Certified vegan
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Free from synthetic fragrances and artificial colorants
  • Freshly handmade
  • Cruelty free – YAY!

There is a range of items to choose from: toning eye & skin gel, bliss body conditioner, body velvet cream, facial scrub, facial tea and MORE. Also there are rose quartz AND jade rollers. A pendulum is actually used to choose the roller that gets shipped to you and I absolutely ADORE THAT!

You really won’t go wrong with investing in their products!

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My History with Ecologic Products

Interviewed by Ecologic's Co-owner

I used to go to an AMAZING beauty therapist who was right around the corner from where I lived. Brittany from Serenity Salon is beyond amazing at her work. She introduced me to Ecologic’s skincare range and I’ve never looked back. She sadly moved back to Cape Town and that left me without a local Ecologic fix.

I always try to order ahead of time with Brittany so I have Ecologic in stock in my cupboard but sometimes I get busy and I forget. It was during December last year that Brittany didn’t receive her stock so she couldn’t help me at the time. Luckily I had back up but something kept telling me to email the company to hear if anyone else stocked it here or if I could buy directly from them.

It wasn’t until after mid-January I think that I got around to actually contacting Ecologic. This is where it all started. Soon after chatting, Mika asked if I’d be interested in an interview for her website. Of course I said yes, because you know I can talk about crystals all day 😉

I never thought that contacting a company to find out if I can buy their products would turn into an opportunity to share my passion. I’m eternally grateful!

My interview is featured on Ecologic’s blog and it is about how I got started on my journey, what I offer, how crystal healing works and some of my favourite crystals to work with.

Read my interview HERE

Feel free to share your favourite bits from the interview in the comment box below 🙂


Crystalicious Blessings, Siobhan

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    1. LOL! Hi Dixie!
      Phonetically it would be sh-ah-von but there are some youtube clips that help with that if you’re keen to look it up.
      Mostly I let people call me V because it’s easier to remember and pronounce of course 😉

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