Monday Motivation Week 15

Are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 15? Here is my motivation for this week so let us get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 15

My motivation for today and this week is simple. Please DON’T forget the balance! After a period of being busy, take a rest!

I was sick this past weekend but still had some things that needed to get done so I pushed through. This week I am going to take it much easier and not push so hard. It’s a lesson I’m continually learning: do what I can, what’s important NOW, then REST! Rest keeps coming up a lot for me in April and the month has only basically started!

I don’t need to grind 24/7.
You don’t need to grind 24/7.
We are allowed to take time to REST and just rest!

Get busy and then get resting!
I’m sure you’ve heard what happened to Jack: All work and no play (aka rest) makes Jack a dull boy 😉 Let’s learn from Jack a little bit and change the rules for ourselves!

Something that Miriam told me sticks in my head when I reach these times: taking time to rest gives you time to catch up to yourself and your business. It gives you that time to get clarity. Being busy won’t give you that!

What is your motivation for this week? Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the Facebook or Instagram post 🙂


Crystalicious blessings, Siobhan

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