What is a Pendulum?

I’m so amped for this because I wanted to make a video and add some South African flavour to the pendulum topic.

I am going to tell you what a pendulum is and name drop Philip Permutt with his explanation that

“…a pendulum gives you an external physical representation of your natural inner knowing.” – Philip Permutt, The Crystal Healer

Shortly: a pendulum is a crystal/piece of metal/stone/charm suspended on a piece of string or chain and it has the bead or ring on the opposite end (that is where you’d hold it.)

It is used for dowsing which has been done for centuries.
I believe that inside of you, you have all the answers. Your higher self is not separate from you and it’s inside of you always with guidance. Using a pendulum gives you access to that information.
Sometimes it is very clear cut when you’re dowsing and you want the pendulum to move a certain way because you already know what you want but just need confirmation. Other times it is not so clear cut and that’s usually when you’re feeling conflicted and/or emotional.

I myself, own 3 pendulums: a single terminated howlite pendulum that I made myself, a tumbled rose quartz in a metal cage that I received in my toolkit when I was studying with ViTerra Healing Academy and my jasper pendulum that I recently bought because I was very attracted to it.

What do you do if you buy a pendulum?

  1. You first need to cleanse it using smoke (my preferred method) or water (don’t do this for too long as I suspect it would tarnish the metal chain after a while) and hold it in your chosen medium with the intention of clearing if of any energetic build-up that’s not for the highest good.
  2. Once you’ve done that, you can write down a few questions to which YOU know the answer is either yes or no, like my name is xyz, I am wearing xyz, I have xyz hair, etc. Keep it simple and keep it direct.
  3. Get comfortable holding your pendulum and I show you how I hold mine.
  4. Start asking your questions so that you can learn the swings for yes and no for your pendulum. Write down your swing answers.
  5. HAVE FUN!!

Things to not ask your pendulum:

  1. The future because it is continually changing and you can change it at any moment.
  2. Things about someone else. You don’t have access to information about someone else.
  3. Asking the same question repeatedly to make sure the answer isn’t changing. The pendulum has answered you once and that’s good enough. Continually checking means you don’t believe it and aren’t taking it seriously. How annoyed would you get if someone asked you the SAME question daily? DON’T DO THAT!


At the end of the video, I try to demonstrate HOW the swings works without manipulating it so my elbows are set on my desk and I just ask the pendulum to swing in a certain way.

I hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any questions, feel free to let rip!

You can watch the video directly HERE.

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