Facing Fears with Crystals (and Love)

When Kim from Re-Creative Resources, Inc. approached me to share something with her and her readers, I really wanted to write about the approaching spring season in the northern hemisphere (autumn in the southern). All I found on my mind was facing fears with crystals and love.

While spring does signify new beginnings and it’s the perfect time to reconnect with your goals, you can do this for any season, time or moon cycle! Reassessing your goals brings you clarity. You may even find that some don’t align with you anymore so let them go. Other goals you may find still align with your heart but you’re not making any progress.

Sometimes fear holds us back from achieving our goals or making progress. We feel unworthy, we struggle to make the time and then we end up feeling like a failure; but it is when we can stop to reassess and take note, we may find clarity and courage to move forward.

Facing fears with crystals and love

Facing Fears Tips and Tricks

Here are some of my tips and tricks I use for fear and goals:

  • Write it Out: There’s power in the written word because then you know what you’re working toward. You’re not likely to forget and you can feel proud when you’ve accomplished it. It also helps to write out your fears because sometimes you can see that they’re not really as big as they are in your head.
  • Action Plans: Think about what you can do each day or week in order to make progress toward your goals.
  • Small Steps: This is part of action plans and it’s honestly been one of the most helpful things for me. When my action plans and steps are too big, I’ll procrastinate and find reasons to not do the things. When I break it up into small bite size nibbles, I can easily achieve them and begin to create trust in myself. This helps me step back into my power and remember that I CAN. Creating small steps also means that the fear doesn’t have a chance to grow in my mind because I’m simply taking action and keeping promises to myself.

Facing Fears Crystal Support

Of course crystals are another great tool that can support you with your goals and facing fears around your goals or making progress! Here are my favorites:

  • Black Obsidian to cut through illusion, fear, uncertainty and distraction. It can help us to see what obstacles we are facing and then expose the tools within us. We are the greatest tool and we asset to ourselves but we often forget it. We let other things distract us and get in the way.
  • Heat Treated Citrine for visualization. If you cannot see and feel the end goal, try some HT Citrine to help you get there energetically. Natural Citrine can help you shift your mindset and help you to feel deserving of what you want. You will always deserve it and you never need a reason. Simply because you want it, is enough of a reason. Both stones are also great for reminding you of your worth too!
  • Sunstone for the motivation and the drive to take action.
  • Serpentine for the growth. If there are deep, painful changes you need to make, let Serpentine comfort you. It can remind you that it’s okay to shed layers that may not fit you anymore.
  • Moonstone for honesty and to breakthrough any illusions you may have. Pair it with Turquoise to help you see the bigger picture. Moonstone carries a maternal, feminine vibration for me and it also brings joy. It hugs your soul and reminds you that there’s no point to push through for no joy. Be joyful and be kind with yourself.

My wish for you is that you don’t let your fear hold you back and that you instead pause and see where you can move forward in love and power for yourself. May you find it in your heart to question and face the things that hold you back, find small steps to keep promises to yourself so that you can step into your power and forward however that may look for you. Use support and face those fears with crystals and love!

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