How Does Crystal Healing Work

I wanted to explains the “science” behind what crystal therapy is, how the stones work, whether you actually need a healer and I also wanted to share why I got into crystal therapy.

I made a short long video on YouTube to explain all of this which you’re welcome to listen to at the bottom of this post if you weren’t in the mood for some reading 😉

What Crystal Healing and Crystal Therapy is:

Basically crystal therapy and healing is the laying on of stones on or around the physical body for mind, body, spiritual and emotional balancing and healing which takes place on an energetic level.
Most problems have an energetic root and manifest physically. The most basic example of this is when you spend a lot of energy worrying or stressing, it can manifest physically as a headache.

The purpose of crystals for Crystal Healing:

When you introduce a crystal which has a perfect, repeating atomic structure and specific vibrating frequency, then the physical body begins to strives to obtain that balance. It doesn’t mean you’re going to become a crystal, but more that due to the chaotic times we live in, the body is striving toward that balance.

It is sort of like the story of the frog who adjusts as the water he finds himself comes to boiling point, but in the case of Crystal Healing the body starts adjusting to a more harmonious and balanced energy that it is introduced to by the crystals.

DIY Crystal Healing vs a Crystal Healer facilitating healing:

Here is the “controversial” bit that many many healers may not tell you: You don’t need a crystal healer to do healing.
You can easily buy 7 crystals in the colour of the rainbow from your nearest crystal store or online.
You can place those stones on your Chakra centers (which you can Google to find out regarding their placement) and have a lie down for 15-20 minutes, undisturbed of course. BOOM! That is crystal healing people.
The advantage of having a healer means that you have someone to hold space for you and support you because sometimes it is difficult to bring certain issues to the surface and work through them on your own. It can also be challenging if you don’t feel confident that what you’re doing is working.

Crystal Healing vs Modern Medicine and Doctors:

Crystal therapy and healing is not a medical treatment. It is not a substitute or replacement for medicine or a professional.
If you feel you need to see someone, trust yourself and go!

Different ways to use crystals other than for healing:

From personal experience, I have also found that crystals work with the Law of Attraction.
When you buy a crystal for a specific reason like to be more confident or creative, then the Universe will send you opportunities where you need to step up and call upon that which you wanted to attract. It’s no overnight change but you’ll find those opportunities knock a lot more often.

Why I “became” a Crystal Therapist and Healer:

I wanted to help people and be there for them. There’s nothing more beautiful than to hold space for someone and see them draw on their own power to heal themselves. It’s a bonus that I get to work with crystals doing this. It isn’t that I want to be a crutch for people when I say I want to help them because I fully believe that people can achieve their healing on their own and I’m just here to remind them of that.
I cannot cure someone overnight because I’m not a doctor and you don’t need curing for this type of healing, just reminding. This also isn’t for someone who doesn’t want to put in the work – sometimes energy healing is ugly because some issues are ugly and you need to see what it’s doing to you and how it’s effecting you BUT it is also beautiful when you can let go of what you’re ready and what no longer serves you.
My job starts from the moment you contact me because I’m about empowerment so if you felt I wasn’t the right healer for you – FANTASTIC, and if you felt I was – FANTASTIC TOO!


You can watch the video directly on YouTube HERE.

What do you think about Crystal Healing and is it something that interests you?

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