Moldavite Macro

Today I am talking about a stone I know FUCKALL about except what I’ve read in books. This stone persists in wanting to be shown so here I am sharing my story with it.

My History with the Crystal Lettuce Leaf

What can I say about Moldavite? It’s the crystal that every time I saw an image of, I wanted to throw up. I couldn’t understand why people thought this crystal was so awesome! For quite some time I formulated the theory that my home planet was invaded by wherever Moldavite originates and that’s why it effects me so strangely. I have no proof of this obviously, just what I said to explain my nausea.

After seeing Moldavite after Moldavite for a few weeks straight, I figured it was time and for my birthday, I received a piece of Moldavite from work. Oddly enough, the nausea just disappeared and I thought I’d at least feel it a little bit, but nothing. I started clearing it after I received it and clearly heard “I don’t need to be cleared thanks.” I promptly stopped smudging it then LOL! Cheeky lil fellow.

Moldavite has a lot of galactic, alien energy seeing as they were formed millions of years ago when a meteor crashed into earth. The meteorites fused with the earth’s materials and boom Moldavite was born. Some starseeds can find themselves attracted to it.

For now my Moldavite and I are enjoying meditating together. I suppose that when the time is right, it’ll talk again so I’ll hang around and keep at it. Figures, seeing as I’m learning about waiting right now and the art of “I don’t know”.

Moldavite to remind you that you are outta this world!

Moldavite in a nutshell:

  • It is associated with the Third Eye and Heart Chakra.
  • Spiritual growth can be accelerated.
  • It enhances meditations/journeys, channeling and awareness of other outer space beings.
  • Always work with a grounding stone before and after working with Moldavite as it can leave you spaced out.
  • It reminds you that you are outta this world – stardust having a physical experience on earth.

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4 Crystals for Self Love

Crystals for Self Love

Crystals for self love and my top 4 picks is what is on the menu today. Self-Love is always being thrown in our face and we don’t always know where to start with that. If you’re into crystals or would like to work with crystals for that extra crystalline reminder to self-love your Self, then you’re in luck.

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Monday Motivation Week 43

Monday Motivation

Are you ready for belated Monday Motivation Week 43? Here is my motivation for this week so let’s get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation for this week:

Monday Motivation Week 43

I had such a beautiful meditation yesterday with one of my guides that pops in and out with these profound messages.

He shared with me that it’s not necessary to try make the day better and that every day is already better because we are in it. How true is that? We each add so much to every day even if we don’t see it, realise it or have it acknowledged by others.
It was a message filled with so much love and compassion that I knew I had to share it today.

If you ever feel pressure to be more, do more, make more, stand back and realise that you’re already doing it just because you exist in this time.
You make this world just as special as your neighbour!
You are awesome!

How can you trust that you make this day better?

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Lapis Lazuli Macro

Today I am highlighting Lapis Lazuli. Initially I wanted to go with Sunstone but I couldn’t remember why. After wrapping this coin of mine and sitting outside, I was like, “you’re the one”! Then I procrastinated talking about it until I decided that I’m declaring it safe to stop holding my tongue and post about my Lapis.

THAT, is what Lapis Lazuli reminds us of: it’s safe to STOP holding your tongue and EXPRESS yourself! It’s a little ironic seeing as I procrastinated talking about this one right 😉

Lapis is such a beautiful crystal with a blue as deep as the ocean. Water is linked to our emotions so combined with Lapis, you really have that emotional expression connection. Express whatever you feel you need to and get. it. off. your. chest!

It’s Pyrite shimmer let’s you know, like a gentle hug, that it’s safe to talk. Remember that only you can declare that safety as your truth. I feel that it offers that element of protection to your throat and your communication. You ARE protected so say your say!

Lapis Lazuli is also a great one to enhance meditation and energize that Brow Chakra baby!

Lapis Lazuli

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Spirit Quartz Macro

What you may not know is that when I do these posts, I rely on my intuition to guide me to the crystal for the week. I wasn’t sure what crystal I’d be focusing on this week but then my gift from Lynette arrived. I saw this crystal and KNEW it was THE one.

I’ve always held a soft spot for Spirit Quartz because it has such a sweet vibration and this piece is no exception.

Spirit Quartz speaks to what it’s name suggests: your spirit and it gently uplifts your spirit. It has such a great feel-good vibe to it. How can you not feel happy looking at it? If you’re going through a hard time or period of grieving, then this may be a good companion.

When I first got into crystals, I remember buying 2 of my closest friends each a piece. It wasn’t until later that I learnt it promotes peace, harmony and benefits relationships too.

I love how it has crystals stemming from all sides and it feels to me like it’s energy just wraps you up. This would make it good for manifesting I feel, because it sends out your intention on all levels. Basically it’s almost like it sends out all the helpers to get things going.

Spirit Quartz is also known as fairy quartz. I can’t help but wonder if this would be a great crystal for working with fairies and elementals. What do you think?

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