Apatite for Body Love

Apatite is known for helping to suppress your appetite, but I enjoy working with Apatite for body love and appreciating the house your soul resides in.

Whether your body is big or small, tall or short, is beside the point today. Too often we nitpick at parts of us which aren’t deemed attractive by the media or people around us. We learn to hate those bits and spend little time appreciating our body. Your soul is in YOUR body. It’s our job to treat it better and look at it with kinder eyes instead of critical ones. Easier said than done, but I do believe that 5 minutes can make a difference in the long run.

Blue Apatite for Body Love

Blue Apatite, most known for helping to encourage mindful eating or “suppress the appetite” as the saying goes, but I want to take you further with Apatite. Here’s a little exercise for you:

Look at yourself in the mirror with your Apatite in your hand, let it wash over your eyes and see yourself with your soul’s eyes, with love and appreciation. Stand there and look at yourself in the eyes, tell yourself that you appreciate yourself and your body.

Point out one area you adore and FEEL that appreciation.

Then look at another area which isn’t your favourite, and with that same feeling of appreciation you felt for the area you love, I want you to extend it as best as you can to this unfavourite area. Choose to send this area some love and appreciation.

Why Appreciate your Body

I believe that any change, small and big, comes when we begin to appreciate ourselves first as we are right now. This is where we are and it may not be where we want to be with our bodies but it’s where we are. Acknowledging that helps us to be present so that we don’t bypass to jump to what seems better. It says:

“I see you now, I’m going to treat you better and appreciate you more.”

So whether you want to lose weight or not, be fitter or not, wish you were taller or shorter or whatever feature or not, I want you to love yourself as you are right now. Don’t focus solely on the things you hate about your body or wish were different, also see the parts you love because “what you focus on expands”. The more you dislike about you, the more you’ll find to dislike. So focus a little on the bits you DO like and love, even if it’s just your brows 😉

More about Blue Apatite

Apatite actually comes in a range of colours but Blue Apatite is obviously blue. It has such a lovely aquatic, turquoise blue.

Here are some more interesting tidbits about the metaphysical properties of Blue Apatite:

  • Works well with the Throat Chakra making it great for anyone who relies on communication in their job (singers, actors, teachers, sales, writers, etc.)
  • It can bring better overall balance
  • Psychic Abilities are enhanced when working with Blue Apatite (may be great for communicating with guides).
  • It can deepen meditation.
  • Helps you to connect with your inner self.
  • Working with Apatite regularly may help those be more mindful of what they consume (food).

I’d love to hear how you work with Apatite. Share with me in the comments your experiences with this stone!

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