Lepidolite Macro

Today I am talking about Lepidolite, the crystal that most recommend to those struggling with anxiety. Lepidolite can help to remind you that the stress ain’t worth YOU!

We spend so much time worrying and stressing that we forget how it effects us. We are wound up so tight because we are stressed out to the max. It’s easy to SAY stress less when our days are JAM PACKED without space to breathe. We can forget to breathe and destress more.

Lepidolite is known to be a great comforter when you are overwhelmed. It has a wonderful calming vibration. I like to think that it can help you kick stress and anxiety in the butt! Take 5 minutes, rub your Lepidolite while breathing DEEPLY, then go and do something that doesn’t stress you out.

Did you know that Lepidolite can be helpful during death/dying transitions? I did not and how beautiful is that! This is like a crystal BFF during any sort of shit you face!

Lepidolite Macro

If you LOVE Lepidolite, leave a comment telling me what makes it special to you.

Crystal Gifts for your Friend

Top 5 Gifts for Crystal Lovers

My Top 5 Gifts for Crystal Lovers aka your friend or family member who is super woo woo and into crystals.

Crystals have taken over and almost everyone is rocking the rocks these days. I’ve got you covered with my crystal gift guide if you’re not into rocks yourself. The rock lover in your life will appreciate these more than the rock in your driveway that stabbed your foot.

Top 5 Gifts for Crystal Lovers

Top 5 gifts for Crystal Lovers

Rose Quartz because everyone on this planet can do with a little more love, attention and generosity. Rose Quartz embodies that and while Clear Quarts is the one crystal that fits all, I believe that applies to Rose Quartz even more! I think a Rose Quartz heart is one of the cutest gifts you can get someone.

Clear Quartz because it’s the one-size-fits-all crystal of course! A Clear Quartz Pendant is another perfect gift in my opinion. Who doesn’t love a beautiful piece of jewelry! You just CANNOT go wrong with this crystal, ever, for anyone!

Sunstone because who doesn’t want some extra sunshine in their life? This is one of those feel-good stones that is perfect for everyone! It’s also a great addition to remind us of the sunshine especially with the cold days lingering! Sunstone is a great one to carry in your pocket so that you are in that warm bubble on the regular.

Hematite to ground any stressful energy and remind us that we need to also be present and ENJOY the holiday. With the upcoming holidays, the last thing we want to think about is the list of things we need to do or haven’t done YET. Don’t let that list rob you of special moments happening right now.

Lepidolite is the last one on my list for it’s anti-anxiety properties. The holiday time can be an anxious time for a lot of people. If there is someone in your life that gets a lil anxious or is challenged during this time, give them a hug AND some lepidolite. It may help them more than you know!

Rock Shops

If you don’t have a rock shop near you, take a look at my favourite South African online shops. If you are overseas, go say hi to HealingCrystals online.

Share with me know what rocks you’re getting your bestie this Christmas?

Crystals for Spirit Guides

Crystals for Connecting with Spirit Guides

Crystals for connecting with Spirit Guides is the second segment in my Spirit Guides discussion. Last week I spoke about what Guides are and a little about my history with them. Did you catch that? Have you got an inkling yet?

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Moldavite Macro

Today I am talking about a stone I know FUCKALL about except what I’ve read in books. This stone persists in wanting to be shown so here I am sharing my story with it.

My History with the Crystal Lettuce Leaf

What can I say about Moldavite? It’s the crystal that every time I saw an image of, I wanted to throw up. I couldn’t understand why people thought this crystal was so awesome! For quite some time I formulated the theory that my home planet was invaded by wherever Moldavite originates and that’s why it effects me so strangely. I have no proof of this obviously, just what I said to explain my nausea.

After seeing Moldavite after Moldavite for a few weeks straight, I figured it was time and for my birthday, I received a piece of Moldavite from work. Oddly enough, the nausea just disappeared and I thought I’d at least feel it a little bit, but nothing. I started clearing it after I received it and clearly heard “I don’t need to be cleared thanks.” I promptly stopped smudging it then LOL! Cheeky lil fellow.

Moldavite has a lot of galactic, alien energy seeing as they were formed millions of years ago when a meteor crashed into earth. The meteorites fused with the earth’s materials and boom Moldavite was born. Some starseeds can find themselves attracted to it.

For now my Moldavite and I are enjoying meditating together. I suppose that when the time is right, it’ll talk again so I’ll hang around and keep at it. Figures, seeing as I’m learning about waiting right now and the art of “I don’t know”.

Moldavite to remind you that you are outta this world!

Moldavite in a nutshell:

  • It is associated with the Third Eye and Heart Chakra.
  • Spiritual growth can be accelerated.
  • It enhances meditations/journeys, channeling and awareness of other outer space beings.
  • Always work with a grounding stone before and after working with Moldavite as it can leave you spaced out.
  • It reminds you that you are outta this world – stardust having a physical experience on earth.

If you LOVE Moldavite, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me what makes it special to you.