Yellow Jasper Meditation

I wanted to share what I learnt while working with my Yellow Jasper egg during meditation.

When I initially bought this crystal from Magic Minerals, my purpose was to buy Yellow Jasper because of the happiness vibes it promotes and being good to ward off depression.

This crystal has an earthy vibe to it and I’m learning that many Jaspers do have good earth roots.

I was privileged to meet its keeper, an Ascended Master who I think is an Asian man. He wears a yellow robe with orange cuffs. Now I’m not entirely sure if this is the guardian of my Yellow Jasper because my spirit guide is also an ascended master and Asian… so I’m wondering if he just “changed clothes” here to talk to me about this stone.

He told me that the stone is very old but happy and strong like “strong tree”. I feel like there is connections to the Base Chakra even though this is a yellow stone which means it’s more suited for the Solar Plexus on the colour spectrum.

I’ve also saw the words STRENGTHEN and ENERGISE during meditation. Being a warm stone with energising properties, it could aggregate your mind especially if it is very busy.

How may Yellow Jasper help for healing?

Now due to the colour of this stone, I can agree that it would promote happiness and feel-good vibes. For me happiness is linked very much to the Solar Plexus because for me that’s where the root of happiness lies – when you’re confident, honour your power, be creative. Your Solar Plexus pumps the energy of motivation into you.

Yellow stones are warm stones so they are energising. If you need that boost of creativity or motivation, then Yellow Jasper could offer you that.

It terms of strengthening, I’d say that Yellow Jasper is a good stone to strengthen your Solar Plexus and keep you grounded with its earthy vibe.

There are of course many uses for Yellow Jasper apart from what I’ve mentioned but this is what I’ve learnt from my little egg.

Have you worked with Yellow Jasper before and what has your experience been? Is this a stone that you gravitate towards?

Speak soon!!

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