Golden Tiger’s Eye Meditation

I think that the best way to get to know a stone is to sit and meditate with it. Of course you can read many properties for the same stone in many, different books; but I find it quite nice to know what your stone is good for by getting to know it yourself.

I can honestly say that I wasn’t entirely keen to meditate with Golden Tiger’s Eye because what I know of it I’ve brought from my childhood so I didn’t feel like it had anything to really tell me. My Gran always said Tiger’s Eye was lucky and over the years, I’ve heard things like “if you keep Tiger’s Eye in your wallet, you’ll never run out of money.”

Anyway my spirit kept nagging me to sit with this bloody stone so I did and what I found is that my piece of Golden Tiger’s Eye was an interesting stone to meditate with. It is such a happy stone and I felt so good after meditating with it each time.
I got to meet this stone’s guardian and it is a Lion. Ironically while browsing one day after this lion encounter, I happen to learn that Tiger’s Eye is a birthstone for Leo which as everyone knows is represented by the lion!
The Lion taught me that Tiger’s Eye brings focused willpower and golden happiness. It brings warmth into a dark hole so it is great for depression.
The Lion was such a joker and also many of my own comical moments and memories was brought to my awareness during meditation.

How Golden Tiger’s Eye can be used for healing:

With Golden Tiger’s eye being good for focused willpower, that means that if you need to focus on a project you’re not particularly keen on doing and procrastinating over, it will help you dig up some motivation to do it.

I myself suffer from the big D word, Depression (sometimes I feel like it should be Dreaded depression and not Depression because the feelings it invokes can be dreaded) and the days I got to spend with this stone, really brought me more happiness. I felt a little less down and optimistic. Meditating with it, is going to assist you to bring more optimism and feel-good vibes into your environment.

Being a yellow stone, it loves the Solar Plexus chakra so it’s also lekker (=lovely) for creativity, motivation and energising vibes.

What have you found out about your Golden Tiger’s Eye? Is it a stone you are gravitating towards lately?

Speak soon!

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