Healing Cats with Crystals 07 April 2018 Session

Healing cats with crystals 07 April 2018 is an “inside” look at the crystals I used for two cats who had distance healing sessions with me this past weekend.

The two cats I worked with is a male and female cat. I shall call them Jack and Jane for this post. I’ve worked with Jack before but it was my first time working with Jane.

Before a session, I always go into meditation to hear if there are any crystals I should use or if there are any insights I need to know. What follows is a short account of my sessions with these two awesome cats.

Healing Cats with Crystals 07 April 2018: Jack

Jack has the most incredible energy and he has SO MUCH love to give. It’s the most amazing thing to experience and you wouldn’t think that you could pick up all of this love but it literally FILLS my heart! He has a few health problems that has challenged him somewhat physically but that doesn’t stop him at all.

The focus for his session was general healing, immune system boosting and a happy tummy.

Crystals I used for Jack:
  • Selenite with intention for healing his eye. Previously I used Clear Quartz on his eye and during healing I kept hearing SELENITE. I couldn’t understand why I was being asked to use something else. It was only after the session and researching about it, did I realise why.  Selenite can help to heal and repair on a cellular level BUT it can also be healing for eye infections, tumors and ulcers. This was absolutely perfect for Jack.
  • Citrine to boost the immune system as well as give an energy boost.
  • Bloodstone to detoxify and heal.

Healing Cats with Crystals 07 April 2018: Jane

Jane comes across as a real lady and I felt like she wasn’t too trusting of me. She didn’t want me to work “hands-on” with her, but toward the end of the session she warmed up a bit and I was able to do a little energy healing for her.

The focus for her session was for general healing, happiness and wellness.

Crystals I used for Jane
  • Lepidolite at the Brow chakra and I chose this due to the lack of trust I felt. I wanted to lower any anxiety and let her know that if she wanted healing, I was available to her. Lepidolite is really good at instilling a sense of calm. I also kept feeling that her lack of trust may be due to her past, like a previous bad home or experience. I can’t pinpoint it exactly?
  • Rose Quartz for love, which Jane enjoyed so much! She actually requested to sit alone with it toward the end of our session. Overall it is quite balancing, especially emotionally but it also lowers stress in the heart and clears negative emotions.
  • Citrine to boost the immune system.

Healing Cats with Crystals 07 April 2018 Pinterest

Many may think that animals don’t harbor negative emotions and to a certain level I agree. If they’re in a good home they don’t, but for some animals who may have had previous negative experiences, they can be a little anxious around new faces. They trust and love their owner but it isn’t always the case around others. The Lepidolite and Rose Quartz made sense to me: to come forward in love and calm.

I also always let the animal decide if they want healing and Jane didn’t need it from me initially. She sat with the crystals and I sat with her around the “camp-fire”. If that was all she needed, then that is quite perfect too. Animals know quite well what they need as well as how much of it.

Animals are so wonderful to do healing for.  I find that it is easier to work with animals than it is with humans, even for animal distance healing. They easily communicate when they’ve had enough healing and I find that they respond really well to crystals. Our own cats love meditation as well as healing time and even my dog has warmed to crystals.


I hope you enjoyed reading about the two healing sessions for these cats! Feel free to join the discussion and let me know if you’d like to hear more about healing animals with crystals 🙂

6 thoughts on “Healing Cats with Crystals 07 April 2018 Session”

  1. Awesome. Intend to try some on my three cats. Do you have a suggestion for a crazy cat who is ridden by anxiety and jealousy? Fraidy cat, timid but really wants to be the top cat. Leads to peeing in non-appropriate places.

    1. Hi LuAnne!
      I would recommend working with the solar plexus chakra for your kitty.
      Lepidolite can work well to ease the anxiety and Citrine can boost his/her confidence to know that he/she is enough as is.
      Rose quartz as well would be good… why I’m not entirely sure? I just feel that. I don’t think it’s that you need to give MORE love.
      I hope this helps a little bit 🙂

      1. I think the rose quartz would be for self love for the cat. If he/she loves and accepts him/her self, then maybe he/she won’t be so anxious.

  2. I have a guinea pig whose friend sadly passed away last month. I’m currently trying to bond him with another little boy, by fostering this one from the local sanctuary and trying ‘dates’ etc. This one was surrendered because he also lost his friend. After a short while of being together they just seem to get annoyed with each other! Do you have any suggestions for crystals to help them get along please? They have black moonstone placed near their enclosures.

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