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Today I am highlighting Lapis Lazuli. Initially I wanted to go with Sunstone but I couldn’t remember why. After wrapping this coin of mine and sitting outside, I was like, “you’re the one”! Then I procrastinated talking about it until I decided that I’m declaring it safe to stop holding my tongue and post about my Lapis.

THAT, is what Lapis Lazuli reminds us of: it’s safe to STOP holding your tongue and EXPRESS yourself! It’s a little ironic seeing as I procrastinated talking about this one right 😉

Lapis is such a beautiful crystal with a blue as deep as the ocean. Water is linked to our emotions so combined with Lapis, you really have that emotional expression connection. Express whatever you feel you need to and get. it. off. your. chest!

It’s Pyrite shimmer let’s you know, like a gentle hug, that it’s safe to talk. Remember that only you can declare that safety as your truth. I feel that it offers that element of protection to your throat and your communication. You ARE protected so say your say!

Lapis Lazuli is also a great one to enhance meditation and energize that Brow Chakra baby!

Lapis Lazuli

If you LOVE Lapis Lazuli, leave a comment with your favorite emoji or tell me what makes it special to you.

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