Monday Motivation Week 43

Are you ready for belated Monday Motivation Week 43? Here is my motivation for this week so let’s get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation for this week:

Monday Motivation Week 43

I had such a beautiful meditation yesterday with one of my guides that pops in and out with these profound messages.

He shared with me that it’s not necessary to try make the day better and that every day is already better because we are in it. How true is that? We each add so much to every day even if we don’t see it, realise it or have it acknowledged by others.
It was a message filled with so much love and compassion that I knew I had to share it today.

If you ever feel pressure to be more, do more, make more, stand back and realise that you’re already doing it just because you exist in this time.
You make this world just as special as your neighbour!
You are awesome!

How can you trust that you make this day better?

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