How to Choose the RIGHT Crystal for you

How to choose the RIGHT crystal can be overwhelming, especially when you want to choose one that WILL benefit you right now. There are SO many and you have so many issues you want to work on. What are you supposed to do? Let me shed some light.

Sometimes for a lightworker and someone who is more “sensitive”, choosing a crystal can be confusing. I know, like how can something as simple as choosing a crystal be overwhelming! You are already perhaps worried about choosing the RIGHT one, wondering how to just trust yourself, or if you aren’t crazy with what you experience when you go into a crystal shop.

Go into a crystal shop they say. Let the vibes guide you they say and then you feel almost like a hundred things at once. Here are some things you may experience that no one really talks about:
  • Did I REALLY feel something from this crystal?
  • Does this crystal REALLY feel different from this one?
  • I really like the look of this crystal, could this be the one?
  • Maybe I should go with one for my star sign?
  • But this is my favorite color?
  • I’m trying to work on this but I don’t like the crystal so is this one I should go with?
  • I’ve added these to my list but I’ve picked out other ones, am I supposed to do that?

How to Choose the RIGHT crystal for YOU

How to Choose the Right Crystal for YOU:

Let me tell you that there are SO many online sources with information on crystals for various “issues”. Some of them will have duplicate suggestions and others have entirely different suggestions.  Even crystal stores will differ with the information they offer about their crystals. Try not to put all your focus on this. It WILL consume you and then you find yourself lying on the floor worried about everything that is “wrong” with you.

Initially when I started this post, Amethyst and Clear Quartz came through to me but I couldn’t really understand why the fuck this came through??? How is showing me two crystals going to help someone CHOOSE a crystal when it can be quite overwhelming in the beginning. I then reflected and this is what comes through to me:

  • Amethyst to TRUST YOUR INTUITION: Don’t stop to think and add labels, just do and FEEL. Go with it.
  • Clear Quartz for CLARITY. When you can do and feel, you can get out of your head a little bit and that’s when you’ll receive clarity.

Sara from Gaia Crystals has told me many stories and my own crystal shop purchases have taught me this: come in with a list, buy almost NOTHING on that list BUT resonate with what you DO end up buying the moment you look it up! I always try to recommend going into a crystal shop to experience that. Shopping online does not have the same experiences as visiting a crystal store. It comes close but not that close.

If you don’t want to buy anything because you’re too worried, then don’t. Go and scope the place out. You can take some notes if you want to. Here are some note-taking suggestions:

  • Were there certain colours you were attracted to?
  • Was there one that you can’t stop thinking about since you were there?
  • Did you find yourself stopping at a certain bowl regularly?

Connecting with Amethyst and Clear Quartz:

How to Choose the RIGHT crystal for you with Amethyst and Clear Quartz

If you have these two crystals in your collection, connect with them through the following suggested intention:

I trust Amethyst and Clear Quartz to remind me that I can trust myself and that I shall be guided to what will serve my highest good right now.

I have made the above mood board of Amethyst and Clear Quartz for if you don’t own them. You can save the image to your phone or computer, meditate with it and connect with it in the same way. You don’t need to “have” something to connect with it energetically.

Imagine these two crystals in your space, heart and/or hand, then let those vibrations come into your space and heart, fill you from toe to brain with that inner light that just needs to crack out. Let the energy ignite you and remember: it IS okay to trust yourself!

PS: A donut for whoever sees the Goddess meditating in that Clear Quartz Tower! A-MAAAA-ZING! A donut if you don’t see it or see something else too!! 😉

Amethyst and Clear Quartz Pow Wow Properties Breakdown:

Apart from the above, Amethyst and Clear Quartz are really good ones to start your collection with. It’s so uncanny how Amethyst is following me around lately and I see how SO many people are turning to it right now.

Clear Quartz is incredibly versatile and it’s the “one size fits all” crystal, being able to assist you along your journey. It is high vibrational and clearing.

Amethyst is a really good mental protector and it’s a great one for warding off nightmares because of this. I feel like it’s protection qualities can really extend to all areas and can even protect your heart. It can help raise your awareness to what is possibly hurting your heart and not good for you. I feel there is still so much Amethyst can teach me and us.

Both of these crystals work well for Source Connection because they can be linked to the Crown Chakra. That is the landing-pad for reminding us that we ARE part of the bigger Divine picture.

No one can really tell you HOW to choose the right crystal OR what the right crystal is, only you can. You ARE allowed to trust yourself and you’re allowed to buy what calls to you. There is no right or wrong. Some people buy crystals because they like the look of them, some buy them to collect and others buy them because they use them as tools for connecting WITHIN. All is perfect and right.

Join the discussion by leaving a comment telling me about your first crystal shop experience: was it just as overwhelming? What has helped you TO trust your intuition?

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