The #1 Problem for Lightworkers

The number 1 problem for lightworkers in my opinion, is what I am discussing today. I chat about how being authentic can be a challenge and my personal struggle with that. Yes, this is a more vulnerable post that I’ve started over a few times, because I wasn’t sure how to write everything that I feel which is true to ME. Check how authenticity comes up even in my intro huh 😉

What is the Number 1 problem for Lightworkers?

Authenticity: being who they really and truly are.

This is a challenging thing and oftentimes the world doesn’t understand. The world is dominated by not being in touch with yourself and just motoring through life to be successful.

I myself struggle with it. Shock, horror, gasp. Can you believe it? 😉

Some may think that I’m some enlightened person, a poster child for meditation and inner peace. THAT is so far from the truth.

I spend a lot of time fighting with the Universe, crying for days, feeling lost and without purpose, confused, like I just don’t GET IT. This is a side that many people don’t get to see because I turn within to try and work it out. I’m NOW at the stage of my life where if I can’t work it out, I’ll message a friend because they cannot smell that something is up and that I need some guidance.

There are also really AWESOME KWAAI days where I have a fat two-way conversation with an eagle, meet an alien-being in my crystal, or have a healing session where I know things that I can’t know because I don’t know the person or their pet from a bar of soap.

I was at that stage where I so badly wanted to fit in that I’d rather dim my light and not even mention the crazy cool things I experience. I can’t do that anymore. Right now, even writing that makes me so emotional. This post does give me all the emotional feels because I’m so afraid to be who I really am: part psychic, part crazy, part creative, part all of my experience and more. I’m so afraid of what people will think and of rather being put in a closet BUT I think it’s important to not PUT MYSELF in the closet as opposed to having others do that. That’s their story, not mine. I have control over mine and I don’t have to put myself in the closet.

Really, I don’t think I can be anything other than my authentic self anymore or do things according to what I should anymore. I can’t be ashamed to share the things I experience except for healing sessions because that is for me and my clients.

Number 1 Problem for Lightworkers

Why is authenticity so important?

Because no one is like you.

The world needs you. That’s why you are here and that is why you need to be all of who you are. You are going to shine a light in such a way that gives someone else the permission to be who they really are.

It’s really that simple. Truly.

And being yourself doesn’t mean that you need to be psychic, communicate with animals, do energy healing, whatever. You’re perfect as you are, whether you are any of those things or not.

I see this said ALL the time and I think I can turn around to say: guys, this is on point. It REALLY is the truth.

What if:

What if people leave, you lose people and you’re alone? That’s okay. Keep being who you are because you are going to attract likeminded people.

Okay, I’ll be honest, it will be fucking shit at first because it does hurt BUT you need to be who you fully are. You can’t keep dimming yourself to make other people happy or more comfortable. With enough dimming, you’re sitting on your floor wondering who the fuck you are because you really have no damn clue and you think you’re a little crazy.

You are what you allow and if you keep allowing dimming to happen, you will only keep attracting that. Not everyone will understand and you cannot get caught up in that or force people to understand. It’s okay if people don’t understand. It just is. It doesn’t make them lesser than you and it doesn’t make you lesser.

Shifts happen in chaos so that you can get onto a path you’re meant to walk. Is everyone meant to go through this? Probably not… but you wouldn’t be reading this if you were not in that space.

How do I know if I’m being authentic?

Well do you find yourself in some situations where you rather keep quiet because people may not understand? You rather not share something or voice up even though you know you should? Do you do or say things because it’s what others may expect but you don’t really agree?

Does doing any of that feel true to you?

I found myself rather not sharing because some people won’t understand and then what happens? I end up not sharing with anyone at all. That’s not fair to myself.

You’ll be surprised how un-alone you really are. Someone out there is on your vibe even if you don’t realise it. I also think that what we build up in our head of being who we are is sometimes more scarier than actually being.


Don’t dim your light for anyone and as I mentioned this week in Monday Motivation Week 24:

Let nothing dim the light that shines within. – Maya Angelou


So join the discussion on the blog by leaving me a comment, telling me what you think is the number 1 problem for lightworkers? Also do you find yourself dimming your own light in certain situations?

2 thoughts on “The #1 Problem for Lightworkers”

  1. Soo much truth! You are definitely not alone in struggling with being authentic. I have done some of the same things you mentioned in your post. I have found that when I let the REAL me shine through, I meet crazy amazing people who love me just as I am and that I have deep conversations with that challenge my thought patterns and expose me to new ideas.
    Keep being gloriously you!

    1. Ah Erin, your comment makes me so happy!
      I have read it so many times and always start with some intricate reply but in reality: your comment just makes me so fucking happy!!!
      You’re so right!! <3 SHINE ON!

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