Animal Distance Healing

Animal Distance Healing is where I hold space for your furbaby and send him/her distance healing using crystals chosen intuitively. Animals are one of my biggest passions in life and Ragnar (photographed above) is who inspired me to offer my gift.

How does Animal Distance Healing Work:

Sessions will take place at a time that is most convenient for you if you’d prefer to spend the time with your furbaby while I hold space and send healing. It is not necessary for you to spend time with them.

I shall let you know when I start the healing sessions as well as when I finish.

After the healing session you shall receive a report with any insights, the crystals used as well as why.


In order to send your beloved furbaby pet healing, I require the following:

  • A clear photo that shows his/her face.
  • Your pet’s name.
  • Focus for healing if you have a certain issue you’d like addressed, otherwise we keep it general with healing focused on your pet’s well-being and happiness for their highest good.


It is R300 / $30 for an animal healing session. Payment can be made via EFT or PayPal (for international clients).

Crystal healing is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing modality that promotes mind, body and spiritual wellness for humans as well as the animal kingdom and Earth. It cannot be substituted for a trip to the vet or medicines but can be use to complement other forms of therapy.

If you’d like to book a session, click the button below and let’s chat about your beloved furbaby.