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Today I am talking about Lepidolite, the crystal that most recommend to those struggling with anxiety. Lepidolite can help to remind you that the stress ain’t worth YOU!

We spend so much time worrying and stressing that we forget how it effects us. We are wound up so tight because we are stressed out to the max. It’s easy to SAY stress less when our days are JAM PACKED without space to breathe. We can forget to breathe and destress more.

Lepidolite is known to be a great comforter when you are overwhelmed. It has a wonderful calming vibration. I like to think that it can help you kick stress and anxiety in the butt! Take 5 minutes, rub your Lepidolite while breathing DEEPLY, then go and do something that doesn’t stress you out.

Did you know that Lepidolite can be helpful during death/dying transitions? I did not and how beautiful is that! This is like a crystal BFF during any sort of shit you face!

Lepidolite Macro

If you LOVE Lepidolite, leave a comment telling me what makes it special to you.

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