My Journey with My Chakras

I’ve wanted to write about this for quite some time but when I initially had the inspiration, I put it off thinking I’d remember but then obviously I didn’t.

What I’m going to share today is my journey with my chakras and what I’ve discovered. I’ve had this same similar sort of pattern come up with clients as well but I do not think every single person will have the experience or share the same view.

Zodiac Signs, the Elements and Chakras:

Each person has a zodiac sign and each zodiac sign is classified under an element of earth, water, fire or air.

Each element has a “weaker” chakra that you can work on to balance out the negative attributes of your sign, as well as a “stronger” chakra that you can work on to boost the positive attributes.

I am Libra which means I am of the air element. Airs are known to be weaker at their root chakra which is true for me because I am not the most grounded person and most of the time I can be found up in the clouds. Working on my root chakra is a regular thing for me otherwise I fall off of the balance wagon. The throat chakra is where airs are meant to be stronger which means we are quite expressive but I have found that it also means if we store hurt, we don’t express it.

Stronger and Weaker Chakras:

To go a little deeper, I believe that we each have that weaker chakra and a stronger chakra. I also feel that these may change from time to time so it isn’t set in stone.

Personally I think my strongest chakra is my heart. I am all about love, giving, compassion, friendship, connection.

At this time on my journey, I suffer from depression and anxiety. It is may not as severe as other people but I have had darker/suicidal days in my past which I am grateful to say that I’ve been able to move above now. I still however have my negativity from my whole life of looking at the glass half empty which I am still working on. This won’t heal overnight.

My weaker link is my solar plexus. We tend to store our negative emotions here: fear, guilt, grief, anxiety, stress, worry. My depression and anxiety, I love to shove deep down in here, which is actually obvious if you look at this muffin top I have as well ;). Something important I want to mention is that your solar plexus also redistributes energy to your other chakras.

One thing about the heart that I feel goes unnoticed is that it isn’t just about giving to others, it is also about self. When I don’t take care of my heart, when I’ve been giving too much to others but not myself, I then start shoving down hurts and negatives down into my solar plexus. From there my dep-anxiety (what I like calling it) starts saying “hi, how you doing?”

I’ve found that my heart and root chakra works in conjunction with my solar plexus as well as my throat, i.e. not looking after myself (heart chakra) and being grounded (root chakra) means pushing down negatives (solar plexus chakra) and not expressing them (throat chakra). See how all 4 of these chakras that I’ve mentioned above flow in, out and around each other. They are all interconnected and I can dig further to show how the other chakras also start to crumble in this pattern.

Self-care and Self-awareness:

When you look after yourself and take time for yourself, you get back to remembering how amazing and worthy you are, which means your confidence grows. Doing all of this doesn’t mean my dep-anxiety goes away, but it makes it more manageable for me.

I’ve found that your heart and your solar plexus chakras are incredibly important even if you don’t have depression or anxiety. Your heart is the balance between higher and lower chakras, and your solar plexus redistributes energies.

When you don’t love yourself or have the confidence and willpower to choose yourself:

  • You forget that you are connected to everything and everything is one (crown chakra),
  • You struggle to hear your inner voice and you doubt (brow chakra),
  • You struggle to speak up and express your truth even if it may upset someone (throat chakra),
  • You feel emotionless and closed off, sometimes even creatively (sacral chakra),
  • You struggle to be flexible with life and in the here-and-now (root chakra).

I’ve seen from my healing sessions, how many people struggle with these two chakras. I suppose I attract these sort of clients because I am suited to help them due to knowing what they are going through.

I like to say that you chakras are like a clogged drain and may need that energetic hair to be removed. Some chakras get more clogged than others, more regularly at times and it changes all the time depending on where you are in your journey.

Your self-worth, your willpower, your confidence, your love for yourself, your compassion for yourself MATTERS! If you cannot love yourself, you’re going to also struggle see your worth.

Show the same love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness and balance to yourself as you do to others. Do not forget your worth, confidence and willpower in your own life.

Work your way up from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Do it in a mindful manner, with love and compassion, with confidence in yourself.

I shall share more about the zodiac signs, their elements as well as what their stronger and weaker chakra is for you to boost those positive attributes and balance the negative ones. I shall also throw in some crystals for your guys because duh! You know that’s happening!

Speak soon,


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    1. Thank you Lynette!! I am really glad you loved this! Everything is about balance, heart and self-worth I’m discovering… or my Libra-ness is losing it lmao!! 😀

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