Sarah Gunn & Jasper

Recently, Siobhan conducted an energy healing for my dog, Jasper. Prior to this, we didn’t know each other well, nor has she ever met Jasper. I truly did not know what to expect, as I’ve never done anything like this before and we’re on different continents. It turned out to be an incredibly beautiful experience, and I’m grateful to Siobhan for holding this space for us.

Honestly, it’s difficult for me to find the words that give this experience justice, but sometimes dealings in the spirit realm can leave you speechless, and that’s how I feel. The time she spent with Jasper was not only illuminating, but also confirmed some beautiful parts of our relationship. He appeared to her exactly as I know him, and the entire experience gave me so much comfort and peace during a tough time. Both my husband and I are so grateful for Siobhan and this beautiful service. It’s something we will hold close and treasure forever.

Sarah Gunn, Lifestyle and Business Coach

(I offered to do distance animal healing for Jasper, Sarah’s furbaby)