Rebecca Campbell Rise Sister Rise review

Hi everyone – today I’m sharing my Rebecca Campbell Rise Sister Rise review. It’s a beautiful, feminine book that I think many of you will enjoy and resonate with, as I did.

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Rise Sister Rise in short

“Rise Sister Rise: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within” by Rebecca Campbell is about remembering to unleash and embrace the woman within. It helps to remind us that the Universe supports us and to reconnect with ourselves. Sometimes we are too busy to notice these things.

If you’ve fallen a little out of touch with yourself and/or your feminine energy, you may enjoy this book.

Rebecca Campbell Rise Sister Rise review – My Thoughts

I’m not sure how to put into words how this book effected me. It was one that I restarted so many times and each time I saw something different to myself. I was even able to see how I’ve grown especially since it took me a few months to finish it.

I most want to share the chapter that hit hard for me. This would be the chapter about connecting to your period, especially when she mentions that she too had problems and if those problems occurred outside of menstruation, she’d have marched right off to the doctor. This hit me hard because struggling with my period since I went off the pill had become the norm. There were times I felt as if this was just something I had to endure and deal with. I won’t go into details, but if you want to know more, leave a comment and I’ll share that with you. In short, this chapter is what made me march to the doctor for medical advice. This chapter reminded me that we as women do not need to suffer or bear the pain. We just don’t have to.

Rebecca Campbell Rise Sister Rise review

Powerful Chapters Worth Mentioning

  • The Returns of the Magdalenes” because it speaks about the priestess within all women, how we can easily hold space for others, how our faith is unshakable and how we see the golden thread in all. If you read nothing else but this chapter, you will feel your soul lift I swear. There is something uplifting and inspiriting to this chapter.
  • Reclaiming ‘Witch’ (The Natural Witch)” is a powerful, empowering chapter that isn’t as witchy as it sounds. It speaks about acknowledging the natural witch in you who is cyclic, follows her intuition, is authentically herself, heals HERSELF and others, a wise woman. When we can be ourselves and be aware of ourselves, we as women of any religion and walk of life, will see how amazing and powerful we are.
  • The last section in the book is about sisterhood . This whole section deserves a mention because it’s eye-opening and soul remembering. Women DO long for sisterhood, a place where we can share and listen equally, a safe space. There are also chapters that prompt you to take a closer look at how you view other women, especially in regards to what triggers you, jealousy, etc. This chapter reminds me that we all want to be part of a sisterhood with women. Women who are authentic, offer us the space to talk, be HEARD and who cheer so fucking loud for us when we succeed or need the motivation to go on.

“As women we have had to fight for so much, let’s not add another mountain to climb by having to rise from each other too. Before you attempt to cut another down, no matter how much you disagree, first take a moment and see if you can see a woman, who in her own unique way, is doing her best to find the courage to rise. Let’s stop pushing our fellow sisters down no matter how much you agree or disagree with the way they are doing it.”

Features within the Book

Like Light is the New Black, Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell has journal prompts at the end of most chapters. It questions where you are with yourself and encourages you to get in touch with yourself through your answers. The exercises are what I call little self-care exercises, e.g. plotting down significant moments in your life and working out a pattern as to what you needed to hear at those times or writing a letter to yourself about how amazing you are then reading that back to yourself for 21 days straight.

You will also find prayers/poems and mantras which I found to be very beautiful to read.

Top 5 Quotes from Rise Sister Rise

My gosh! It was incredibly difficult reading through my favourite quotes for this book and choosing just 5 to share with you. So much of what is written in this book touches my heart, soul and bones. Here are my top 5 quotes:

  • “‘Good girls’ go through life pushing down rage, pushing down desire, pushing down shame, pushing down anger, pushing down the shadow, pushing down so much of the natural, wonderful, pleasurable, passionate, potent, and powerful parts of being a woman. When we are doing all we can to keep all of that contained, it’s no wonder we may find ourselves having ‘bitchy’ or even so called ‘whore-like’ outbursts. It is not possible to be the good girl all the time. It’s not healthy either. When we attempt to do so we cut ourselves off from the potent power of being a woman. The world needs more women, and fewer women as little girls.”
  • “Don’t rush the process. Allow your fruits of originality to ripen in their own sweet time, knowing there will always be plenty more where they came from. Don’t push yourself and dry out. Tend to your garden so that it is always fertile, so that you have new unique creations grow in your gardens each and every year. There is no race. There is no competition. Go steady and flourish. Commit to creating a life’s work, not a season.”
  • “We are living in a cyclic world. You are not meant to look a certain way for longer than that specific moment. We are ever-changing, cyclic beings who are here to experience change. To experience our soul in a human body over time. And human bodies are in a constant state of change. If we strive to reverse the clock or get back to a previous state we are going against the flow of Life.”
  • “When we are trying to control things we are resisting the flow of life. Relying on our own strength. Trying to hold things in place for fear of what will happen if we loosen our grip. Believing that if we are not there to hold it together something bad will happen.”
  • “You are the author of your story and your life is the book. Make it a bestseller and leap, leap, leap.”

Who Would Enjoy Rise Sister Rise

As mentioned above, if you feel you’ve fallen out of flow with yourself, then you may benefit from this book. You don’t need to be of specific faith to enjoy this book. You do need to have an open mind, especially with Rebecca mentioning “witches” and “Magdalene’s” which can be frowned upon.

I think you’ll benefit if you DO invest in the journal prompts. It will be great to look into yourself and where you are currently because you will gain some clarity. Oftentimes we know and think these things. Writing it down allows at us to look at it from another angle.

Where to get a copy

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Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell is available from most reputable bookshops. If you’d like to buy a copy online, you can do so from Amazon or Loot if you’re in South Africa.

Rise Sister Rise has been out for some time and many women have already read this book. I’m keen to hear if you’ve read it or if this is one you’re keen TO read? Share your thoughts!

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  1. Thank Siobhan,
    Cannot wait to read it, but first let me finish Light is the New Black. Which I should probably start again and do the journal prompts 🤔

    1. LOL! I want to say are you having the stumbles I was having with Rise Sister Rise? I never knew it was even possible to take so long on a book LOL!
      You’ll get there when you must and that will be the perfect time 😀

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