Monday Motivation Week 17

Are you ready for Monday Motivation Week 17? Here is my motivation for this week so let us get those motivation vibes going!

Monday Motivation Week 17

My motivation for today and this week is to not worry too much! I know it’s hard to do but I don’t need to stay stuck in a worrying thread. I can choose otherwise.

I’ve been meditating with Labradorite lately because it’s a crystal of transformation and it FELT like the right one to work with while we are preparing for our move and getting everything in order for that. Both Mr Crystal Healing and I feel overwhelmed and there’s still much to do for this move.

These song lyrics by Swedish House Mafia are what came to me on Sunday morning during meditation and AGAIN last night during my clearing where I was inspired to make a graphic depicting all of this.

Don’t worry too much, it’s unproductive anyway AND everything will work out so, go ahead and chill out mmmkay 😉

What is your motivation for this week? Alternatively, you can leave a comment on the Facebook or Instagram post 🙂


Crystalicious blessings, Siobhan

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