How to start your day off RIGHT (with Love)

How to start your day off right, with love, in the shower! Imagine if you can start your day with a little more mindfulness and love, wouldn’t that make for an amazing day? And why not do so when you’re in the shower, because most of us shower in the morning before starting our day anyway!

This came to me in the shower on Monday morning. As I stood there washing myself, I couldn’t help but feel like this was such a simple method of giving myself love. I was actually noticing my body instead of ignoring it because there may be parts I don’t like right now.

In all honesty, it actually felt good to give my body love, like it was waiting all this time to be noticed by me. If I felt this good, I knew that I wanted to share it with you.

How to Start your Day off RIGHT

How to Start your Day off Right:

  • Get in the shower as you normally do.
  • Instead of squeezing soap into your loofah and getting this over with, squeeze some soap into your hands.
  • Wash yourself with your hands.
  • Notice and acknowledge your body.
  • As you are washing yourself, tell your body parts the following: I notice you and I choose to love you today.
  • Do this with your whole body, including the parts you don’t like and would rather ignore.
  • You are probably going to use a lot more soap while doing this BUT your body deserves it.
  • Repeat as often as you’d like, at least once a week.
  • You can even take rose quartz with you and use that to imprint some extra love on your body. Please ensure it is a tumbled piece and that it is a good size which is easy to hold firmly.

This is a very easy method to start your day right and it can be done anytime. Finish your day off with the above method if you’d like and of course you can do it in the bath too!

Why? What’s the Point of this?

We spend so much time waiting for other people to notice us or our partner to adore our bits, but we can’t even look at ourselves in the mirror. We rather turn to a crystal for love instead of doing the work of giving ourselves love. By all means use a crystal, but don’t forget to do the work and love yourself too!

How often do you touch your body? Honestly now? Many of us don’t touch ourselves sexually so most of the time, we only touch our body when we have an itch. I can see myself loosing subscribers here LOL, BUT it’s the truth.

Although, what I mean is that we don’t notice ourselves anymore. We don’t touch ourselves to notice ourselves, our cute mole or great shoulders, our strong arms, etc.

The goal of “how to start your day off right” is to be more mindful towards yourself and to give yourself love first thing in the morning. Sometimes our shower time is the only alone time we have to notice ourselves. Use it.


Join the discussion and tell me how you feel about noticing your body? Does telling your body that you choose to love it sound weird?

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