September Mandala: Light it UP

Missed the free printable mandala coloring pages Sep 2018? Shame man! Good news is that you can still get it for free during September 2018. So scroll down to learn a lil more about this pretty baby!

August 2018 was about uniting all those parts of myself that I prefer to bury and not pay attention to. Parts that should be in the front but nah, I don’t let em! 

August’s Mandala can be purchased from MandalaliciousZA on Etsy here.

The Inspiration for September’s Mandala:

September is about lighting YOU UP.
I started drawing this early August for no reason other than to create. I sat outside and I was like “yeah I’m going to draw now.” Shortly after completing it, I got involved in the Soul Worthy You Event (read more about that below) and it made so much sense that this mandala was for the event.
It is about being mindful of yourself to give yourself love, attention, abundance and balance! It is not about all the things that light you up, although yes, they DO count. It’s about you, lighting YOU up. Get it?

LIGHT YOURSELF UP! “How can I do that?” You must be wondering? Well when last did you take time to do something you enjoy for you?

Honey Calcite is the crystal companion for this mandala. The colour of this crystal makes you feel warm, sweet and delicious. It’s literally like honey for your soul.

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Sep 2018

Download the Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages Sep 2018:

Free Printable Mandala Coloring Pages

Click above to subscribe to my newsletter to receive September’s FREE mandala coloring page. Once downloaded, print it, colour it in and share it with me. I would love to see your work of art!! Take a break, nurture your inner child and color in a little bit.

Previous month’s mandalas are available in my Etsy Shop to purchase.

Soul Worthy You Summit:

Here is a sneak peak of the summit:

You know you were meant for more!

Fortunately, it doesn’t take lifetimes to discover the mysteries and worth of your Soul Gifts any more!

My soul friend Elaina Conneely has created a new prosperity perspective for beautiful souls like you called, “Soul Worthy You – How to nurture your spirit, discover your soul gifts & transform your life so you have true prosperity!” that I’m a part of and I’m inviting YOU to to be a part of it too for FREE!!

True Story: Elaina was a burnt out workaholic, successful on the outside but feeling worthless inside. Hiding her gifts to keep other people happy made things even worse.
Elaina’s transformed her life by discovering the mystery behind our Soul Purpose! Reclaiming her soul worthiness paid off and she’s flourished into living her dream life with love that she cherishes.

Along with 21 other amazing ladies, I am so fucking excited to be representing Healing Crystals for this event that is all about love, abundance and transforming your life! If you love crystals, listening to me talk about crystalicious topics and want to check me out CLICK HERE NOW FOR THE SOUL WORTHY YOU SERIES!

Share with me where you are on your list of things that light you up? I’m also keen to know if you’ll be joining the summit?

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