Noreen Swartzberg

Siobhan Moller, offered a gift of Crystal distance Healing, I was the lucky recipient of that gift. Siobhan, gave me a healing today. With all she had to put up with me, I would just like to say a million thanks to this wonderful young lady and her cat. You helped to make me feel good today, NO hip pains at all. It is great, Contact her, its well worth it. Thank you for your time energy love lassie, also to kittle cat. Love to you both.
I have had pains in my hips for years now. It is wonderful to be pain free, I can even stand for longer than 15 min without pain, whereas before 2 min and I had to sit.

Noreen attended a distance healing session that I offered as a giveaway prize in the Soul Connections Facebook Group. My cat, Cleo also decided that Noreen needed feline healing that day as well.