November 2023 Mandala


The November 2023 mandala encourages us to take a look at how we define our worth and whether it’s more about how much we do than who we are in our hearts.


We welcome in the energies of the November 2023 Mandala along with its guidance to serve us on our journey.

November 2023 Mandala, Energy & Affirmation

November 2023 Mandala, with the affirmation of “You’re worthy“.

November Mandala of the Month Prints close up

This November, I want you to celebrate yourself and take the time to really do that! Look at your achievements, progress, lessons from the failed attempts, and how far you’ve come. Gods you are so worthy of everything life has to offer you, all the sweetness, even when you’re in sour patches.

When it comes to worth, we’re so used to putting a number on this: how much we earn, how much we have, etc; but I believe worth is more than that. That is just the surface level stuff. Our worth isn’t what we have or what we’ve achieved, it’s also just us being here right now as we are, with all the failures.

A long time ago, someone told me that they couldn’t understand why a mutual friend liked me, and this is a story I carried with me for a long time. It was one that stemmed from my childhood too. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realised what was more important was whether I liked myself, not if the people in my life liked me (although that IS a bonus).

I have to like me and see my own worth, especially in times when I feel less.

If you’ve ever felt like you don’t understand why people love you or you struggle to see why you’re so wonderful, perhaps dig into that. Where is it coming from?

I promise you that you’re always worthy of love, not only when you learn to love yourself. Simply just being here on this planet with me, and the rest of us, that’s enough. It’s enough to be worthy of love, goodness, abundance, and sweetness; EVERYTHING!

November 2023 Mandala Journal Prompts…

  • How can I celebrate myself every day? What’s a small thing I can do for myself each day here?
  • What stories from your past are you carrying that makes you feel less than worthy? Are they true today for you or have you just been simply carrying them? Are you ready to let them go and embrace a new story?
  • What new story would you like to carry for yourself about your worth? It can be as simple as “I choose to love myself as I am today” or “I choose to give myself grace while learning to love my (insert body part/s here).” Make it your own.
  • List all your wins this year, even the small ones. Take it further and cut them out to put in a jar and read back to yourself when you’re feeling lower.

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How to use a mandala of the month print:

Print it in your favorite size and use! Have fun and be creative!

  • Stick it in your journal with goals for the new month or reflect back on the month. When reflecting include a gratitude practice and a release practice to let go on anything that didn’t serve you so as to make room for the new.
  • Stick it on your wall to remind you of what you’d like to call into for the new month. What’s your word of the month, what are you manifesting, etc.
  • Keep it in your sacred space for something pretty dedicated to the new month.
  • Take it a step further and pair it with crystals to create a crystal grid for your new month.

My favorite way to use these: I print mine in an A5 size to cut out and stick into my journal. Currently I am using it to reflect back on the month: things I’ve learnt, places I’d like to soften into for my mental health, and what I want to call into for the new month.

More about the Prints:

Mandalas of the month are uploaded within the first half of the new month and includes a watercolour print to use in your sacred soul work + a colouring print to express your creativity.

This Instant Digital Download includes high resolution .pdf pages of an individual drawing for coloring and/or artwork purposes. My watermark will not be visible on the downloaded file. This listing is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no crystals/items are included and no print is mailed.


  • 1x A4 print (.pdf document) ready for you to print and use.

You cannot resell/barter/trade/gift/transfer the digital files or printed copies to any third party. You may NOT claim the design as your own, even after colouring or alteration. And you may NOT create something with my art and sell/resell it on another website. All images are under copyright protection and all SGCrystalHealing digital prints remain the intellectual property of Siobhan Gouws. I put a lot of energy and love into my mandalas. Respect that. No refunds on Digital Downloads. If there is a problem, please email me and I shall do my best to help you!

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