September 2023 Mandala


The September 2023 mandala asks you to emerge: don’t hide in the darkness but also embrace your darker femininity, pleasure and sexiness. Download and use in your journal or sacred practice. Includes a coloring page for you to personally color in as well as a watercolor print for decoration or journal work.


We welcome in the energies and guidance of the September 2023 Mandala.

September 2023 Mandala, Energy & Affirmation

September 2023 Mandala of the month, has the affirmation of “Emerge“.

September 2023 Mandala Print Close Up

Due to the severe load shedding (scheduled power cuts) we were exposed to, I just didn’t have a chance to share this sooner. But I’m here, WE are emerging, both the mandala and I.

Yes, just one single word and such a powerful word. When you say it and allow it to sink into your body, do you also feel its power?

September wanted to bring the power, no playing small or pussyfooting around. We should be showing up and emerging from the caves we’ve been hiding in. I know it’s scary and intimidating but the world needs all of us to show up for it and those who don’t have voices.

It’s a lot easier to stay hidden in the darkness but you make the world so much richer with your very existence. You don’t even need to do anything special or have special gifts (although you do). Your very existence and essence is enough.

You’re own emergence is going to:

  • inspire people.
  • make them smile.
  • remember to laugh, be grateful, and find love.
  • remind people that love is so powerful.
  • show people that their weird is cool and help them come out of their own caves.

Emerge! It’s time!

This September, as spring is approaching for us here in the southern hemisphere with flowers popping up and nature waking up, take inspiration from that. Let the earth guide you and hold you if you need it.

Things to think about and journal about:

  • How can I show up better for MYSELF? Balance is key. It’s often easier to show up and shine for others but you deserve that too. Think about emerging from the cave for yourself and if this is a struggle for you try to think of how you’d show up for younger you. Take their hand and walk out the cave with them. How does that look? How does it feel? What can you do for little you?
  • How can I show up for my community and world? Often we think of money here but remember your time and effort is just as valuable.
  • Where have I been hiding or playing small? Why? Come from a place of compassion when you address this. You’re not here to judge yourself as that is only retreating backward into the cave and not coming out into the light.
  • What steps can I take for myself to not hide and/or play small? Go with baby steps if you must in order to build your confidence if you cannot take big steps. Baby steps are still progress.

I’ll leave you with this thought: There is absolute power in the shadow and darkness, but you are also a creature of the light. Come out into the light and share your own light.

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How to use a mandala of the month print:

Print it in your favorite size and use! Have fun and be creative!

  • Stick it in your journal with goals for the new month or reflect back on the month. When reflecting include a gratitude practice and a release practice to let go on anything that didn’t serve you so as to make room for the new.
  • Stick it on your wall to remind you of what you’d like to call into for the new month. What’s your word of the month, what are you manifesting, etc.
  • Keep it in your sacred space for something pretty dedicated to the new month.
  • Take it a step further and pair it with crystals to create a crystal grid for your new month.

My favorite way to use these: I print mine in an A5 size to cut out and stick into my journal. Currently I am using it to reflect back on the month: things I’ve learnt, places I’d like to soften into for my mental health, and what I want to call into for the new month.

More about the Prints:

Mandalas of the month are uploaded within the first half of the new month and includes a watercolour print to use in your sacred soul work + a colouring print to express your creativity.

This Instant Digital Download includes high resolution .pdf pages of an individual drawing for coloring and/or artwork purposes. My watermark will not be visible on the downloaded file. This listing is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no crystals/items are included and no print is mailed.


  • 1x A4 print (.pdf document) ready for you to print and use with 3 pages.

You cannot resell/barter/trade/gift/transfer the digital files or printed copies to any third party. You may NOT claim the design as your own, even after colouring or alteration. And you may NOT create something with my art and sell/resell it on another website. All images are under copyright protection and all SGCrystalHealing digital prints remain the intellectual property of Siobhan Gouws. I put a lot of energy and love into my mandalas. Respect that. No refunds on Digital Downloads. If there is a problem, please email me and I shall do my best to help you!

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