July 2023 Mandala


The July 2023 mandala reminds us to let go because when we are micro-managing all aspects of our life, then we leave no room to flow or play. Download and use in your journal or sacred practice. Includes a coloring page for you to personally color in as well as a watercolor print for decoration or journal work.


We welcome in the energies of the July 2023 Mandala along with its guidance to serve us on our journey.

July 2023 Mandala, Energy & Affirmation

July 2023 Mandala of the Month, with the affirmation of “Let go”… short and sweet huh?

July 2023 Mandala close up

I remember sitting on my bed and looking out the window when I was feeling particularly glum about some things. I heard “let go” and I knew that not only was this EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now in my life, but it was also the mandala for July.

Letting go can be such a challenge for me, because while I know I should let go, sometimes I hold on so tightly and then don’t, causing myself so much unnecessary pain when I look back. I don’t have any suggestions for letting go easier, but I do believe that it takes practice and time. My boss always says that mastery takes time so keep practicing, and that’s true for all things in life.

Sometimes we hold onto people even though we’ve outgrown each other.
We want things to look or be a certain way so we hold on so tightly, because we have this idea in our heads about that.

Other times, we may keep on holding on because we think that we are the ones that need to fix or resolve it so we continue going back to do just that.

If we can let go, flow and allow life we are saying that we’re open for newness. We may meet new people, experience new and exciting things, and have people surprise us by taking the lead in things we were never meant to hold onto alone (or at all in my case LOL!)

You cannot micro-manage absolutely everything that happens in life and you definitely cannot micro-manage people in your life. You leave no room for surprises when you want to control every aspect or fix every situation. How often is it that when took a step back and you allowed life that something better did come rolling in?

July 2023 Mandala Journal Prompts…

So this month, think about letting go and how you feel about it: does it bring you anxiety in some areas of your life and excitement in other areas? How can you bring excitement or fresh energy into the spaces where letting go makes you panic and freeze? Think about how you can make space in your life to allow and flow? What does that look like to you and how does it FEEL to you? ➡️ Journal about it!

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How to use a mandala of the month print:

Print it in your favorite size and use! Have fun and be creative!

  • Stick it in your journal with goals for the new month or reflect back on the month. When reflecting include a gratitude practice and a release practice to let go on anything that didn’t serve you so as to make room for the new.
  • Stick it on your wall to remind you of what you’d like to call into for the new month. What’s your word of the month, what are you manifesting, etc.
  • Keep it in your sacred space for something pretty dedicated to the new month.
  • Take it a step further and pair it with crystals to create a crystal grid for your new month.

My favorite way to use these: I print mine in an A5 size to cut out and stick into my journal. Currently I am using it to reflect back on the month: things I’ve learnt, places I’d like to soften into for my mental health, and what I want to call into for the new month.

More about the Prints:

Mandalas of the month are uploaded within the first half of the new month and includes a watercolour print to use in your sacred soul work + a colouring print to express your creativity.

This Instant Digital Download includes high resolution .pdf pages of an individual drawing for coloring and/or artwork purposes. My watermark will not be visible on the downloaded file. This listing is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no crystals/items are included and no print is mailed.


  • 1x A4 print (.pdf document) ready for you to print and use with 3 pages

You cannot resell/barter/trade/gift/transfer the digital files or printed copies to any third party. You may NOT claim the design as your own, even after colouring or alteration. And you may NOT create something with my art and sell/resell it on another website. All images are under copyright protection and all SGCrystalHealing digital prints remain the intellectual property of Siobhan Gouws. I put a lot of energy and love into my mandalas. Respect that. No refunds on Digital Downloads. If there is a problem, please email me and I shall do my best to help you!

* Clipboard mockup design from www.mockupscene.co.za *


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