2022 Full and New Moon Phases Mandala


Keep track of the 2022 Full and New Moon Phases with this Mandala. Print, color and keep it in your sacred space for the new year.

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The 2022 Full and New Moon Phases Mandala to keep track of these Moons phases for the year.

About the 2022 Full and New Moon Phases Mandala

I’ve always been very fascinated with the moon but it was only in 2019 that I began working with it more intimately within my own life.

The New Moons are depicted by a solid black circle in the mandala and the Full Moons are an outlined circle. The dates follow in clockwise circle around the mandala. The dates are based on South African time and may differ slightly depending on where you are in the world.

I enjoy using the Full Moon to do forgiveness and gratitude work. There is power in letting go of old hurts and consciously releasing what doesn’t serve me. Afterwards I have the opportunity to fill up that empty space with gratitude, love and light.

On the New Moon, I find myself listing my wishes, dreams, and commitments. I also list small steps that I can take because dream + actions is what makes things manifest. There is no point dreaming and wishing, but taking no action. I always finish my New Moon work with gratitude. When you track your wishes, you have the chance to look back and see what has come true. This is the perfect time to give thanks and feel proud of yourself.

How to Use this Mandala Coloring Page

Simply print this Mandala and stick it in your diary or journal to turn to on a regular basis when doing or preparing for your moon work. Color the page in if you’d like or you can color in a section every time you pass a moon phase. Make it your own.

Books about the Moon

If you’d like to further your study with the Moon, I’d recommend the following two books which I adore:

Both links above are affiliate links with Loot.co.za – my number one place to purchase books online! Alternatively, if you’re overseas, both these titles are available on Amazon too. You won’t regret investing in them.

More about the Digital Downloads

This Instant Digital Download includes a high resolution .pdf coloring page of an individual drawing for coloring and artwork purposes. My watermark will not be visible on the downloaded file. This listing is for an instant download, no crystals are included and no print will be mailed.


  • 4 page A4 document (PDF) ready for you to print and use (1 mandala page + 3 page guide about working with the full and new moon)

My designs are for your personal enjoyment and use only. Please do not redistribute them. All images are under copyright protection. Do not reproduce or duplicate images without permission. No refunds on Digital Downloads. If there is a problem, please email me and I shall do my best to help you!


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