Chanell Adams

I was lucky enough to experience a free crystal healing session with Siobhan (as I was her 100th liker on Facebook)! My sister referred her to me (the experiences my sister had was nothing short of amazing). I was feeling overwhelmed, I tried almost everything to be more relaxed and stress free so I was willing to give it a try because I had nothing to lose.

To be honest, I had my doubts seeing to it that this session would be via Whatsapp video call but I was proved wrong. I cannot describe the feelings I felt all over my body (a tingling sensation, even post-session!) Siobhan has a way of calming you, she listens attentively and makes it easy for you to talk to her. What I also enjoyed was that although I didn’t quite remember crystal terms, the message that these crystals held stuck with me. Now I remember ‘to walk with love’, just one of the important lessons I learned.  I look forward to many more sessions with Siobhan.

Sakina Murdock

Siobhan’s healing is fab! She identified one major health issue, and over the following few days, the energies revealed some other problems I knew nothing about, which was just what I needed! Her professionalism is impressive, and she makes it so easy to follow her instructions, and really makes you feel as if you and she are caring for you properly. Totally recommend this if you are feeling a bit fed up, or if things aren’t right in your life and you don’t know why; also if you know you have some health issues, but you aren’t sure what’s going on.

Going back for session number two now!

Gideon Moller

Refreshed and revitalized after a session (also very soothing). Build up of the negative pushed out of oneself leaving and welcoming space for the positives. Die cherrie mag maar.

Margo Classen

An amazingly genuine person who will give you a thorough healing session and follow up with a message the next day to see how you are. Thank you V for being who you are xx

Judy de Villiers

This Girl has magick skills and I felt so super relaxed and flooded with tingly wellness after my Crystal Chakra treatment with her! I wish I can add stars **** Highly recommended!

Kate (A review from Fiverr)

Five Star Review on Fiverr

Wonderful experience! Siobhan is a gifted healer, and you can truly feel the love and care she puts into her work. I highly recommend this service.

Chantel Malan

I would like to thank Siobhan for an awesome experience. Usually I’m a very cynical person but i could literally feel the energy in the room. My daughter was also much calmer than usual while watching us. Siobhan pin-pointed a trauma in my shoulder blade area that was on point! She was so calm and had a very secure feeling about her. I would definitely recommend her.

Gideon Moller

As in pretty much everything I do I tend to find myself pushing matters I think that’s not of importance to my relevant situation to one side. Today’s healing session with Siobhan only amplified with what I already knew I had to do but wasn’t doing. I found myself in a very good space afterwards knowing that I needed to make a better effort on giving the answers to the thousands of questions and issues I have that are unresolved. 10 out of 10 again Siobhan although this one was hectic  

Monique-Cherie Oberholzer

I was feeling rather unlike myself when I first contacted Siobhan to do some distance crystal healing for me, and I must say that the experience has done wonders for my state of mind! Her professionalism kept me at ease throughout the session, and I came out feeling much better. She answered all my questions, too, which made me feel part of my own healing process.  ? I will definitely return to her in the future. Thank you for making me feel like me again!  ❤️

Natania van Tonder

Loved it, felt refreshed and cleansed after my crystal facial.

Yvette Hess

This is my friend Siobhan Moller. She is a crystal healer. I can vouch for her! She is kind and caring and knows her stuff when it comes to crystals and healing. Do yourself a favour and do it. You owe it to yourself. Long distance is no excuse, she can do distance healing. It is as effective! She’s AMAZING and I love her!