Self Healing Crystal Layout

Healing with Your Crystals and Self Healing Crystal Layouts:

Many people ask me how to use their crystals and I wanted to offer something more than what crystals to use and simple ways to use them. I wanted to offer meditation on elevated vibes, more than holding your crystals. I wanted to offer something where you could connect with yourself and do healing on your own.

My goal is to guide you virtually to do your own healing and I like to call this “virtual self healing“. I work out a self healing crystal layout that you can use on your own and with your own crystals. It’s a layout for yourself and for your own benefit.

I can help you move towards what you want to achieve: feel more relaxed, get grounded, less stressed, more self appreciation and self love.

This is for you if:

  • You already meditate with your crystals but you want to do MORE that just meditate.
  • Coming for a session doesn’t appeal to you because you’d like to explore healing on your OWN.
  • You have loads of crystals but you don’t know what to do with all of them.
  • You feel comfortable leveling up your meditation time by using your own crystals on and/or around your body.

What This Includes:

  • We chat about what’s going on with you, your healing goals and how you can achieve that with your crystals.
  • I provide a self healing layout with a step-by-step guide explaining where to place your crystals on and/or around your body. I’ll provide guidelines and I won’t leave you in the dark.
  • A pre-recorded guided meditation will be provided and the type of meditation may vary.

What this DOESN’T Include:

  • This does NOT include one-on-one session time with me via distance healing or via a physical session.
  • It does NOT include crystals to use and you have to use your own crystals.

You do healing on yourself, on your own (or with a friend to help you place the crystals) and in your own time when YOU’RE READY.

I only provide a step-by-step guide detailing where to place your crystals and provide you with a guided meditation.

YOU ARE THE KEY and you are going to hold space for yourself!


The cost of this service is R300 / $30 and payment can be made via EFT or via PayPal (5% handling fee for PayPal transactions).


Click below if you’d like to book this service and receive your own self healing crystal layout!

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