Petrified Wood Crystal Print


A watercolor print of a petrified wood slab for your enjoyment and crystal work. Let this be a solid foundational start to your work with this fossil.


More about Petrified Wood:

Now Petrified Wood isn’t technically a crystal as it’s a fossil:

“A fossil formed by the invasion of minerals into cavities between & within cells of wood, usually by silica or calcite.”

But it’s still used by many for it’s metaphysical properties and it’s a really rad fossil to work with. All fossils are really cool because they also teach us that memory lives on and that through transformation we can also be beautiful.

Petrified Wood is known to be a relatively strong, grounding stone but what I love most about it is its connection to mother nature and ancestry. It’s one that feels like it has such rich history to share with you, not only about our planet but also our own ancestors.

Something strange that I’ve picked up is that Petrified Wood always reminds me of my grandparents. Again, it is lending to the older wisdom that this fossil tends to keep within its universe.

How do you feel about Petrified Wood? And have you ever worked with it?

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Journaling with the Petrified Wood Crystal Print

If you’ve never worked with Petrified Wood, included with its watercolor print is a little crystal meditation journal page I created. It’s something incredibly simple that allows you to track:

  • The Date
  • Your mood prior to starting the meditation – write down how you’re feeling.
  • Crystal
  • Insights and reflections to jot down EVERYTHING that you experienced while meditating with the stone.
  • Significant symbols – this is something that I started doing which was to draw any symbols that came through. Sometimes I’d receive no downloads or words but I’d see symbols or flashes of things and I’d draw it to ponder upon.
  • Mood after meditation – this gives you a good idea of how the stone makes you feel and you can come back to this after some time if you find yourself in a negative mood. Perhaps the crystal is trying to draw your attention to a trigger you’re ready to heal, integrate, or release.

How to use the crystal print:

Print it in your favorite size: A4 or A5 works best.

Stick your journal page into your journal, work with your crystal either via the print or with your stone and journal your experience. Be open to your experience and jot down EVERYTHING. All details matter.

More about the Prints:

This Instant Digital Download includes high resolution .pdf pages of an individual drawing for coloring and/or artwork purposes. My watermark will not be visible on the downloaded file. This listing is an INSTANT DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no crystals/items are included and no print is mailed.


  • 1x A4 print (.pdf document) ready for you to print and use with your crystal print and journal page.

You cannot resell/barter/trade/gift/transfer the digital files or printed copies to any third party. You may NOT claim the design as your own, even after alteration. And you may NOT create something with my art and sell/resell it on another website. All images are under copyright protection and all SGCrystalHealing digital prints remain the intellectual property of Siobhan Gouws. I put a lot of energy and love into my art work. Respect that. No refunds on Digital Downloads. If there is a problem, please email me and I shall do my best to help you!

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